Notes for Users

Just a brief explanation regarding the structure of each month’s journal.  Generally speaking, each section will offer links to several articles.  Occasionally, you will find a section without any links.  If there is a month where I cannot find any articles of value I will not waste your time by including them.

In each journal you will find a collection of articles that range from very specific information about a destination to ones that paint a picture of a destination you may have always wanted to visit. Some articles might seem to be more historical, geographical or experiential in nature but we believe these are important elements of travel.

I also endeavor to find free articles.  There will be some links where it will be noted that the link is to a subscription publication.  You may already have a subscription to some of these publications.  If you do not, don’t worry.  The subscription publications that I reference generally provide anywhere from 2-5 articles for free each month without a subscription.  I will not include any links to any subscription site where it is mandatory that you subscribe.

You will notice that some articles will have ads, either as banners or as pop-ups.  I do not use articles that have constant ads popping up throughout the article.  You may have an article that has a pop-up or two at the beginning but you will then be able to read the article without interruption.

Blogs, because they tend to be less structured than articles, have been placed in a section along with videos and podcasts.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons I began Travel Research Monthly was to save you time.  For that reason, any podcast or video will list its length.  Additionally, when I find that there is a long lead into the information that I want to share, I will note the time the content begins so that you can choose to go directly to that point in the selection.  Of course, you can always choose to start at the beginning if you prefer.

The site does have a search feature so you can search past issues.  Just enter a search word, for example a country name, and any journal that has articles relevant to your search will pull up.  Additionally, you will note that we have listed the 12 most recent journals along the right hand side of the journal page.  Any issues beyond the past 12 issues can be accessed by clicking on ‘older entries’ at the bottom of the journal page.

Just a reminder, TRM is solely supported by our subscribers.  We do not accept advertising or any form of sponsored content.

We will not include articles that are paid for by the subject of the article, such as hotel reviews sponsored by the hotels themselves.  However, we might occasionally use an article that was written as part of a tour sponsored by a local or national tourist board.

Should you have any additional questions not answered above, please feel free to reach out to me using our Contact Form.

I hope you enjoy our Journals!

Kathy Pachman