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A TRM e-mail journal is designed specifically for the busy travel professional. TRM sifts through all of the travel junk – clickbait, deals, press releases disguised as articles, worthless influencers, pop-ups, malware, narcissistic videos, scams and, most of all, poorly written stories that give no value to the professional advisor – to produce a monthly journal that contains the best writing and video on vacation sites around the world, modes of transportation, and the business of travel. Every link is reviewed and summarized by Kathy Pachman a veteran travel executive who knows what it takes to stay informed without taking time away from your valuable clients. Every month you will receive this journal directly to your inbox and Kathy is always only a click away to hear your feedback.

I know how competitive it is out there and I want TRM to give you an edge. Please check out the archive page and If you like what you see, subscribe to our email journal for free.

Travel Research Monthly
Travel Research Monthly

Meet Kathy Pachman

Hi. I am Kathy Pachman, the founder of Travel Research Monthly. I have had the pleasure of working with many of you as a Destination Expert and during my time as the Vice President of Innovation at Celebrated Experiences.

My love of research started with my BA in History from Emory University, and researching unique experiences for my clients was my favorite part of being a Destination Expert.

When I was working with clients full-time, I found it nearly impossible to keep up with the latest travel insights and information. Even when I found a little time to read, it seemed that I had to spend an hour sorting through all sorts of online travel junk before I found one useful piece of information.

I founded Travel Research Monthly to channel my love of research into solving that problem. We comb thousands of sources every day to uncover the best articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts to feature in our journal every month. There is a lot of poor content posing as travel journalism and we sift through it all to curate only the very, very best.

We are dedicated to providing the most interesting content to travel professionals to keep you informed so, in-turn, you can provide outstanding service to your valuable clients. I personally review every post in the journal every month to make sure that we deliver consistent quality month after month. We do not accept ads or paid content of any kind.

I know how competitive it is out there and I want TRM to give you an edge. Please check out the interface pdf above to get a preview of the layout and features of our account portal. If you like what you see, subscribe for free.  You can cancel anytime. Every subscription includes access to all the past issues of the journal and a search feature.

I hope you join us and I look forward to working with you.

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