July 2021 Journal

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Thank you all so much for your patience while waiting on the July journal.  We have been working hard on the website in order to provide a more visually interesting and user friendly experience.  I hope you enjoy the new layout!

I have highlighted a few articles below that I thoroughly enjoyed from this month’s journal.  As always, I love your feedback so let me know what you think!


Community trekking in Ethiopia supports those involved in its development.
Seven communities within the Agame massif have piloted a program they hope will bring in tourists to experience life in local villages.  Its success has benefited village members both individually and collectively by providing income and the opportunity for villages to fund grain banks for future hard times.


Sand labyrinths impermanence anchor visitors in the present.
There is something hypnotic about experiencing the impermanence of a sand labyrinth drawn on the rugged shores of Oregon.  Knowing that you can only experience its beauty until the next tide comes in keeps you anchored in the present taking in every detail before its disappears.


Maneuver effortlessly through the Rideau Canal on a private houseboat.
A private houseboat makes a perfect pandemic escape.  Enjoy a trip through Canada’s Rideau Canal, visiting villages and towns, swimming in the summer or taking in the changing leaves in the fall.


Don’t let a monsoon deter a visit to India.
It seems counterintuitive that it is possible to enjoy a trip to India during the monsoon season.  However, monsoon season is much anticipated as a welcome retreat from the heat along with providing a feeling of renewal.  The colors are more vibrant, the flowers are blooming and life slows a bit.

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