December 2021 Journal

Welcome to the December 2021 issue of Travel Research Monthly!

The magic of travel never abates.  It may be hard to overcome the inertia of not traveling for the past two years.  However, once your clients finally do move forward with their plans and arrive at their destination, utter joy will take over and those familiar feelings of wonder and relaxation will return.  Wishing everyone the opportunity to experience travel in 2022!

I have highlighted a few favorite articles below that I hope you will enjoy!


Skellig Michael, remote yet connected to the world at large.
Skellig Michael when viewed from a distance, or if one of a lucky few, up close and personal, reveals its completely remote nature.  Its ties to the outside world persist through its migratory birds and ancient writings of the monks that used to inhabit this island.


Inakadate’s artistic push to increase tourism leads to stunning landscapes.
There is nothing more exciting to me than human ingenuity.  Inakadate looked to encourage more tourism to their part of Japan and found a unique, organic and flat our beautiful way to do so.


Morocco’s iconic grand taxis and the beginning of the end.
Morocco’s transportation system, or lack thereof, has been supplemented for years with colorful, independently owned, aging Mercedes sedans.  These drivers transport people all across the country in an interestingly choregraphed manner.  While an intrinsic part of Morocco, their existence is coming to a close due climate change.


Inala Jurassic Garden and Nature Museum is a haven for ancient plants and endemic bird species.
Dr. Tonia Cochran’s love and energy are apparent in the development of this ancient garden.   This living collection of primeval plants from the Tasmanian region have gained significant recognition and warrant a visit when in the neighborhood.

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