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    1. The effect of the pandemic on sustainable travel. (Blog)
      Author: Linda McCormick
      Source: Verdemode
    2. Advice on walking Cornwall’s South West Coast Path. (Blog, England)
      Author: Kat
      Source: Kat is Travelling


    1. Struggling with how to express the value you provide to clients? (Podcast, Travel Business)
      Host: Whitney Shindelar
      Source: Masters in Travel
      (Podcast – 1 hour 2 minutes)
    2. Get to know the Swiss Riviera. (Podcast, Europe, Switzerland)
      Host: Chris Christenson
      Source: Amateur Traveler
      (Podcast – 42 minutes 16 seconds)


    1. Scale a roof in Stockholm for a history lesson. (Video, Scandinavia, Sweden)
      Host: Erik the Travel Guy
      Source: Beyond your Backyard
      (Video – 26 minutes 14 seconds)
    2. Imagine a grocery bill of one million dollars a week. (Video, Cruise, Ship)
      Source: Business Insider
      (Video – 7 minutes 53 seconds)



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