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The people of Epirus envision a path forward through sustainable tourism.
Passion for a way of life not easily recreated once lost leads to a determination to preserve the old ways.


The witch trail is a timely addition to Scotland’s popular tourism trails.
Scotland does a great job of offering tourism trails for every interest and the new witch trail  is no exception.


Travel light to the extreme. Lessons provided.
I can only hope to learn how to travel lighter but after lugging my suitcase around on my last trip I am more motivated than ever!

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Kathy Pachman
Travel Research Monthly


Africa & The Middle East

  1. The newly listed World Heritage site, Old Town Lamu, immerses travelers in Swahili culture.
    Author: Julie Miller
    Source: Traveller
  2. The Asaro tribes love of masks is not a Halloween ritual.
    Author: Oghenerume Progress
    Source: pulse.ng
  3. Khunjerab Pass offers spectacular views and the world’s highest ATM.
    Author:  Aysha Imtiaz
    Source:  BBC Travel

Australia & New Zealand

  1. Prior permission required for the remote land of the aboriginal Yolngu people.
    Author: Carolyne Jasinski
    Source: Australian Geographic
  2. For the love of birds. New Zealand’s wildlife sanctuaries go the distance.
    Author: Kate Hennessey
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Environmentally conscious exploration of the Galapagos by purpose built luxury ship.
    Author: Alan Oakley
    Source: Escape
  2. A native Trinidadian shares his love for his home.
    Author:  Patrice Grell Yursik
    Source:  Tripadvisor


  1. What do Dracula and King Charles have in common? Both have an interest in Transylvania.
    Author: Staff Author
    Source: Travel + Leisure
  2. The people of Epirus envision a path forward through sustainable tourism.
    Author: Alex King
    Source: Adventure.com
  3. Mark your vacation in the Costa del Sol by purchasing a loaf of the world’s most expensive bread.
    Author: Ryan Cashman
    Source: Tasting Table
  4. Cheap train fares motivate exploration in Spain.
    Author:  Matt Charlton
    Source:  Condé Nast Traveller

Mexico & South America

  1. The very complicated existence of Guanajato’s popular mummies exhibit.
    Author:  Jennifer Barger
    Source:  National Geographic
  2. Descendants of the Selk’nam in Tierra Del Fuego fight to prove their existence.
    Author:  Heather Jasper
    Source:  Fodor’s Travel

United Kingdom

  1. The witch trail is a timely addition to Scotland’s popular tourism trails.
    Author:  Mogens Johansen
    Source:  The West Australian
  2. The Faroe Islands prove that older travelers can be adventurous too.
    Author:  Francine Toder Ph.D.
    Source:  Psychology Today
  3. A walk, well planned in Victorian times, still delights.
    Author:  Vivienne Crow
    Source:  Countryfile Magazine

United States & Canada

  1. Philadelphia has no shortage of ghostly encounters.
    Author: Amanda Brady
    Source: abc30.com
  2. Adventurers amaze with outside of the box trip ideas.
    Author: Jeff Moag
    Source: Adventure – Journal


  1. Travel light to the extreme. Lessons provided.
    Author: Caroline Eubanks
    Source: CNN Travel
  2. Witches and how cultures treat non-conformist women.
    Author: CNT Editors
    Source: Women Who Travel Podcast



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