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  1. Volunteer Travel. Grow your heart along with your mind. (Blog)
    Author: Kiersten Rich
    Source: The Blonde Abroad
  2. Nova Scotia, while small, offers its fair share of UNESCO sites. (Blog, Canada)
    Author: Morag Lee
    Source: Canada Travel Specialists


  1. Australia’s Mini Maldives. (Podcast, Australia)
    Host: Stephanie Myers
    Source: Unplug in Paradise
    (Podcast – 30 minutes 21 seconds)
  2. A local’s take on visiting Bangalore. (Podcast, India)
    Host: Lee Huffman
    Source: We Travel There
    (Podcast – 32 minutes 34 seconds)


  1. Join in the fun touring the Bahamas. (Video, Bahamas)
    Source:  Hey Nadine
    (Video – 15 minutes 44 seconds)
  2. Black Expats share their experiences. (Video)
    Source:  @OneikaTraveller
    (Video – 8 minutes 34 seconds)


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