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Why Taking a Vacation is a Great Idea – Even Before You’ve Packed Your Bags
Planning a vacation can actually boost your mood and well-being. The excitement and anticipation of the trip makes you feel happier even before you’ve packed your bags!You really can’t be surprised that Freddy Mercury hails from Zanzibar with its mix of cultures and myriad experiences found throughout the city.

Making a Difference in Maui
Amidst recent wildfires devastating West Maui, including Lahaina, travel to this area is discouraged. The rest of Maui and other Hawaiian Islands welcome visitors to support the local economy, while efforts like the Maui Strong Fund aim to help those affected.

Armagh City: A Georgian Jewel Waiting to Shine
Armagh City is a delightful surprise worth visiting. It has evolved from its troubled past to a peaceful and inviting city with carefully restored Georgian buildings and a history worth discovering..

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Africa & The Middle East

  1. Uncover History’s Mysteries: Luxury Retreat Offers Chance to Dig for Cleopatra’s Tomb
    Author: Adam Schrader
    Source: artnet news
  2. Israel’s Hidden Gems: Off the Beaten Path Sites You Need to See  
    Author: Freya
    Source: CitizenSide
  3. Mauritius: A Tragic Tale and Natural Beauty at Le Morne Brabant MountainAuthor: Jay Costa Owen
    Source: Portugal Resident
  4. Desert Duel: Morocco vs. Egypt, Which One Should You Visit?
    Author: Sally Kirby & Jenny Walker
    Source: Lonely Planet


  1. From Bollywood to Chagall: Paris Celebrates Art This Autumn  
    Author: Barbara Gabel & Mariamne Everett
  2. Pop the Prosecco Bubble: This Wine Region Will Change Your Mind
    Author: Leanne Kitchen
    Source: Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Peak Adventure: Verbier’s Best Ways to Embrace Autumn
    Author: Roger Fulton
    Source: Active Traveller
  4. Italy’s Best-Kept Secret Region: What You’ve Been Missing  
    Author: Vinicius Costa
    Source: Travel Off Path
  5. Armagh City: A Georgian Jewel Waiting to Shine
    Author: Kieran Walsh
    Source: Munster Express

Mexico, The Caribbean & South America

  1. Food for Thought: A Delectable Guide to Mexico City’s Best Food Tours
    Author: Jake Emen
    Source: Inside Hook
  2. Exploring West Hill Street: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Nassau, Bahamas
    Author: Alexander Britell & Guy Britton
    Source: The Globe and Mail
  3. A Peruvian Adventure Awaits with Chef Jose Salazar
    Author: Katherine Barrier
    Source: CityBeat


  1. Why Taking a Vacation is a Great Idea – Even Before You’ve Packed Your Bags
    Author: Juan Pérez Fernández & Roberto de la Torre Martinez
    Source: CNN
  2. Breathtaking Hiking Destinations to Elevate Your Next Photoshoot
    Author: Jimmy Im
    Source: Travelbinger
  3. Heart-Stopping Heights: Walk on the Wild Side With These Skywalks  
    Author: Katherine McLaughlin
    Source: Architectural Digest


  1. Get Fjord Focus: Exploring Stavanger’s Blend of Urban and Natural Life
    Author: Kerry Walker
    Source: National Geographic
  2. Kvitnes Gård: Culinary Delight set in a secluded fjord
    Author: Molly Harris
    Source: BBC Travel

United States & Canada

  1. Making a Difference in Maui
    Author: Ruthanne Terrero
    Source: TravelAgent Central
  2. Discover Idaho’s Secret: Is it actually the Center of the Universe?
    Author: Jay Gentile
    Source: Thrillist
  3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is Waiting for You
    Author: Korrin Bishop
    Source: Southern Living
  4. Fall in Love with Canada’s Best Affordable Vacations
    Author: Brian Oseko
    Source: The Travel
  5. Belated Justice: Honoring Louis Riel’s Legacy in Winnipeg
    Author: Jennifer Bain
    Source: National Park Traveler


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