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  1. Sharing the history of Yakutia through its local cuisine. (Blog, Europe, Russia)
    Author: Anna Kharzeeva
    Source: russian life
  2. Commune with the woods via an interactive light experience. (Blog, Canada)
    Author: Amy Carlberg
    Source: BlogTO


  1. Tips and tricks for improving your travel photography. (Podcast, Miscellaneous)
    Host: Ben Groundwater with Jarryd Salem and Lisa Michele Burns
    Source: Flight of Fancy
    (Podcast – 35 minutes 15 seconds)
  2. Close your eyes and visualize the island of Syros. (Podcast, Europe, Greece)
    Host:  Melinda Stevens with Antonia Quirke
    Source: Condé Nast Traveller UK
    (Podcast – 23 minutes 16 seconds)


  1.  Enjoy the dry humor and relaxing Japanese ferry ride. (Video, Sea)
    Source:  Solo Travel Japan
    (Video – 15 minutes 44 seconds)
  2. A quick introduction to Belgrade. (Video, Europe, Belgrade)
    Source:  Daneger and Stacey
    (Video – 14 minutes 30 seconds)


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