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  1. Exploring the flora, fauna and falls of the Blue Mountains. (Blog, Australia)
    Author:  Ian Smith
    Source:  Starts at 60
  2. Forest bathing is not what you think. (Blog)
    Author:  Caitlin Morton


  1. The history of New York City’s Botanical Gardens. (Podcast, United States, New York)
    Hosts:  Greg Young & Tom Meyers
    Source:  The Bowery Boys
    (Podcast – 1 hour 3 minutes 5 seconds)
  2. What to expect when barge cruising in France. (Podcast, Europe, France)
    Host:  Chris Christensen
    Source:  The Amateur Traveler
    (Podcast – 44 minutes 6 seconds)


  1. Scenes of Tanzania. (Video, Africa, Tanzania)
    Source:  Sergi Martinez Miró
    (Video – 2 minutes 57 seconds)
  2. A quick guide to the differences among the three islands in the Caymans. (Video, Caribbean, Cayman Islands)
    Source:  Lonely Planet
    (Video – 6 minutes 29 seconds)


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