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  1. Montenegro’s winding roads through mountainous landscapes lead to tiny villages worth exploring on foot. (Europe, Montenegro)
    Author:  Liz Sier
    Source:  Startsat60
  2. Neil of Travels with a Kilt answers readers Scotland travel questions. (United Kingdom. Scotland)
    Author:  Neil Robertson
    Source:  Travels with a Kilt


  1. Listening to this audio story connects you to Tulum, Mexico on a deeper level. (Podcast, Mexico)
    Author:  Melinda Stevens with CNT Traveller
    Source: Escape Routes
    (Podcast – 13 minutes 9 seconds)
  2. Turkey appeals to many…from fans of Byzantine history to those who appreciate an inviting culture. (Europe, Turkey)
    Author:  Sarah Groen
    Source:  Luxury Travel Insider
    (Podcast – 30 minutes 7 seconds)


  1. A quick video on Tokyo’s local customs and COVID requirements. (Asia, Japan)
    Source:  Monocle
    (Video – 2 minutes 49 seconds)
  2. Get to know the people of Martinique – Caribbean with a French spirit! (Video, Caribbean, Martinique)
    Source:  Free High-Quality Documentaries
    (Video – 43 minutes 16 seconds)


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