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  1. We could all benefit from a cwtch right now. (Blog, United Kingdom, Wales)
    Author: Abi King
    Source: INSIDE the Travel Lab
  2. A look at COVID shaped travel trends for 2021. (Blog, Travel Business)
    Authors: Keri Allan and Emma Stuart
    Source: Ladies What Travel


  1. Sir Michael Palin shares his personal experiences with travel across the world. (Podcast, Miscellaneous)
    Host: Holly Rubenstein
    Source: The Travel Diaries
    (Podcast – 56 minutes 58 seconds)
  2. Amica is a new app which connects solo traveling women allowing them to form unique friendships. (Podcast, Miscellaneous, Travel Business)
    Host: Gemma Thompson
    Source: Girls That Travel
    (Podcast – 38 minutes 4 seconds)


  1. Touring Tuscany in a Vintage Fiat 500. (Video, Europe, Italy)
    Source: Grindelwaldprods
    (Video – 2 minutes and 41 seconds)
  2. Art Deco style has had a design impact on locomotives and trains since its creation. (Video, Rail, Trains)
    Source: AmtrakGuy365
    (Video – 17 minutes and 40 seconds)


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