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Summer vacation near the water. It almost goes without saying. Whether your jam is mountain lakes, great lakes or the ocean, your options are endless. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites that are easily reachable from the U.S.

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  1. Taste a Slice of Heaven in These Six Private Islands Near Malaysia and Singapore
    Author: Gayatri Bhaumik
    Source: Prestige Online
    Summary: Southeast Asia’s fast-paced lifestyle often necessitates a rejuvenating island getaway, with its geographic position offering easy access to private island retreats. Highlights include Indonesia’s Nikoi and Telunas, focusing on sustainable luxury and water activities, and the Philippines’ Amanpulo, providing upscale accommodations and wellness experiences. These islands, along with Cempedak, Pulau Pangkil, and Fiji’s Kokomo, blend luxury with eco-consciousness, ensuring both relaxation and responsible tourism.
  2. Savouring a Slow Summer in Tromso, Norway
    Author: Punita Malhotra
    Source: Travel + Leisure
    Summary: Tromso, Norway, offers breathtaking Nordic vistas and reindeer sightings, making it a perfect summer destination to witness the Midnight Sun. Explore the historic wooden houses, museums, and the iconic Arctic Cathedral, while indulging in local Norwegian cuisine like reindeer stew. A road trip to Kvaløya reveals Norway’s diverse Arctic wilderness, from fjords to snow-capped mountains, culminating in a serene lunch by turquoise waters at Sommarøy.
  3. New York’s Most Famous Hotel Rises Again
    Source: The MICHELIN Guide
    Summary: The Hotel Chelsea evokes nostalgia for New York City’s bohemian past while acknowledging its gritty, imperfect reality. Recently transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel, it blends historical charm with modern amenities, sparking controversy among those who cherished its accessible, artistic roots. The renovation preserves its eclectic spirit, attracting a new generation of guests while maintaining the legacy of its legendary past inhabitants like Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, and Arthur Miller.
  4. The Town That is Pure California Perfection
    Author: Danielle Ames
    Source: CNN Travel
    Summary: San Luis Obispo (SLO) combines small-town charm with modern amenities, offering a mix of historic sites, cultural attractions, and trendy spots for dining and entertainment. Visitors can explore downtown’s cafes, art galleries, and the historic Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, while also enjoying unique experiences like Bubblegum Alley and the Madonna Inn. Surrounded by natural beauty, vineyards, and Pacific Coast beaches, SLO provides a laid-back yet vibrant destination that bridges the past and present, appealing to those seeking both relaxation and adventure.
  5. Best Lake Towns in the US: Lakes to Visit for Your Next Summer Vacation
    Authors: Thrillist Editors and Matt Meltzer
    Source: Thrillist
    Summary: Summer isn’t complete without a trip to “The Lake,” evoking visions of dockside cannonballs, barbecues, and relaxation. Whether it’s the striking red and orange cliffs of Lake Powell, Utah, the vibrant wine scene of Lake Chelan, Washington, or the tranquil charm of Marquette, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, each lake town offers unique summer adventures. From the party vibes of Lake Havasu, Arizona, to the historic ambiance of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, these destinations promise unforgettable experiences, from boating and hiking to wine tasting and local festivals.


  1. Adult Gap Year with Megan Wright
    Hosts: Cheraya Miyoko and Kayla Reid
    Podcast: Passports and Coffee Podcast
    Time: 43 Minutes
    Summary: A gap year isn’t just for young adults fresh out of school; anyone at any age can take one at any point in their life. Megan Wright, aka @travelwrighter, took a solo gap year at 31, encouraging fellow millennials to embrace this opportunity. Tune into the Passports and Coffee Podcast to hear Megan’s inspiring journey and how she and Cheraya spent their gap years differently, yet both found fulfillment.
  2. Travel and Personal Development
    Host: Amanda Kendle
    Podcast: The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
    Time: 26 Minutes
    Summary: Travel fuels personal growth, a theme explored in Episode 182 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast. Guests like Kiki Wong, who shifted from medicine to travel, and Nicci O’Mara, who found parenting insights in Italy, illustrate its transformative power. Nate Taiaroa’s African adventures led to a business empowering others through similar life-changing experiences.
  3. What To Do When Things Go Wrong When Traveling
    Host: Meggan & Jenn
    Podcast: The Travel Mug Podcast
    Time: 28 Minutes
    Summary: Jenn and Meggan discuss various travel mishaps and how to handle them on the Travel Mug podcast. They cover flight cancellations and delays, emphasizing passenger rights and compensation. They also delve into car rental tips, emphasizing booking in the driver’s name and ensuring insurance coverage. Lost luggage protocols are outlined, detailing the steps to report and claim compensation. They discuss transportation scams, illness while traveling, jet lag remedies, passport loss procedures, and what to do if robbed abroad, stressing safety, reporting to authorities, and contacting insurance and embassies for assistance.


  1. The Azores: Full Episode
    Source: Erik The Travel Guy
    Time: 24 Minutes 56 Seconds
    Summary: The Azores, an untouched paradise in the North Atlantic, welcomes visitors with open arms and authentic charm. On San Miguel Island, the immersive local life features centuries-old farming, scenic adventures, and delicious Portuguese and Azorean cuisine. From exploring charming downtown Ponta Delgada to diving into stunning landscapes and enjoying farm-to-table dining, the Azores offer a unique, serene escape filled with natural beauty and warm hospitality.
  2. The Ultimate Banff Travel Guide 2024
    Source: Travel Eaz
    Time: 13 Minutes 46 Seconds
    Summary: The video provides a comprehensive guide to Banff National Park for 2024, covering how to get there, where to stay, and what to do. The guide highlights essential tips for navigating the park, such as renting a car, using public transit, and booking accommodations and activities in advance. Key attractions include Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and the Banff Gondola, with additional recommendations for restaurants, coffee shops, and scenic spots.
  3. Queensland: Australia’s Wild Northeast
    Source: Into the Wild Films
    Time: 33 Minutes 52 Seconds
    Summary: Get ready for an incredible adventure focusing on Queensland’s amazing wildlife including Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos, Green Turtles, and Koalas, found across its varied terrains. Dive into this once-in-a-lifetime expedition exploring this vast destination.
  4. Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona-Four Unearthly Buildings You Must See in Barcelona
    Source: TravellersBazaar
    Time: 6 Minutes 58 Seconds
    Summary: Step into Gaudi’s Barcelona, where architecture and artistry collide in surreal Art Deco masterpieces. Travelers and design enthusiasts flock to the Catalonian capital to witness Antoni Gaudi’s genius, where natural forms transform building structures and aesthetics. Explore Gaudi’s four iconic works and discover why they shouldn’t be missed.
  5. Blue Ridge Parkway: A Road Trip to America’s Best Drive
    Source: Got2Go
    Time: 25 Minutes 30 Seconds
    Summary: Eighteen months, fifty countries, and ninety thousand kilometers: this female traveler’s solo motorcycle journey around the world taught her resilience, independence, and the beauty of diverse cultures. This videos focuses on her introduction to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the scenic beauty encountered along the way.



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