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  1. Savannah shares its strong sense of self with visitors. (United States, Georgia)
    Author:  Lori Erickson
    Source:  The Gazette (Subscription-4 free articles per month)
  2. The restorative effects of nature. (United States, Maine)
    Author:  Abdi Nor Iftin
    Source:  Afar
  3. Aspen has just as much to offer in the summertime. (United States, Colorado)
    Author:  Katie Ellis
    Source:  The Cottage Journal
  4. Traveler’s Rest, SC is earning recognition as one of the coolest small towns in America. (United States, South Carolina)
    Author:  Lisa Wright
    Source:  The Travel
  5. Searching for a brewery tour in Brooklyn? (United States, New York)
    Author: Cedric Pentonville
    Source:  TRAVELMAG
  6. Which Hawaiian Island best suits you? (United States, Hawaii)
    Author:  Kylie Ruffino
    Source:  Budget Travel


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