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I wanted to take a moment to thank my subscribers.  I appreciate that you have chosen to join me on my journey through this amazing world.  I experience so much joy from learning about places that are new to me as well as new things about places I felt I already knew well.   My hope is that as you find your favorite articles, you have the same experience.  As always, I look forward to your feedback so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


The city of Cardiff has come into its own – again.
Cardiff has so much to offer from an historical perspective as well as a cultured city of today’s world.  Cardiff makes a perfect starting or ending point to your journey through Wales as the city sits in perfect juxtaposition to the wild Welsh landscape that is so entrancing.


Beyond sustainability – Regenerative Travel.
Sustainability has become a hallmark of the hospitality industry.  The industry occupies a perfect position for spreading innovative ways to approach best practices for our planet.  The next step on the continuum is regenerative travel.  Not just refraining from negatively impacting a place visited but leaving it better than when you arrived.


Remote, rugged and a 2 Michelin Star restaurant.
As if the remote, captivating landscape of the Faroe Islands isn’t enough, they also have a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant.  A dining experience which celebrates the local cuisine set against the rugged backdrop of these islands has really peaked my interest.


A Travel Advisors’ business resource.
Independent advisors have an invaluable resource in Masters in Travel.  Whitney Shindelar shares her knowledge of building a travel advisor business complete with resources to help you navigate the process.

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Travel Research Monthly

  1. The Cook Islands’ tranquil beauty has yet to be spoiled by overtourism. (New Zealand)
    Author:  Eugenia Lazaris
    Source:  Global Traveler USA
  2. Highlights of Auckland’s craft beer golden mile. (New Zealand)
    Author:  Brett Atkinson
    Source:  New Zealand Herald
  3. Commandeer an electric Go-Boat for a picnic in Brisbane. (Australia)
    Author:  Lauren Attard
    Source:  Vacations & Travel
  1. Santa Domingo is a city of firsts. (Caribbean, Dominican Republic)
    Author:  Waheeda Harris
    Source:  Bold Magazine
  2. Pirate legends abound throughout the Caribbean. (Caribbean)
    Source:  Travel Channel
  3. Consider a private yacht to maximize your Caribbean island exposure. (Caribbean)
    Author:  Catherine MacGillivray
    Source:  Luxury Travel Magazine
  1. A love story stands the test of time. (Europe, Croatia)
    Author: Katja Mihelic
    Source: Total Croata News
  2. The meandering canals of Spreewald preserve the culture of the minority Sorbs. (Europe, Germany)
    Author:  Thomas Sparrow
    Source: BBC Travel
  3. It is easy to picture Romans and medieval pilgrims traversing the Gard. (Europe, France)
    Author:  France Today Editors
    Source: France Today
  4. Buryatia-where being Russian and Buddhist coexist. (Europe, Russia)
    Author: Jonathan Campion
    Source: Russia Beyond
  5. The Île de Ré is one of France’s secret treasures. (Europe, France)
    Author: Thomas Chatterton Williams
    Source: Travel+Leisure
  6. Spring blossoms into life in Moscow. (Europe, Russia)
    Author: Galina Polonskaya
    Source: euronews.travel
  1. Consider a different approach to travel. (Miscellaneous)
    Author:  Geetika Jain
    Source: Condé Nast Traveller India
  2. Genealogical sites worth incorporating into your travels through Europe. (Miscellaneous, Europe)
    Author:  European Travel Commission
    Source:  Travel Agent Central
  3. Touring Champagne, France-a delight for all your senses! (Miscellaneous, Europe, France)
    Author:  Laura Schreffler
    Source:  Haute Living
  1. Savannah shares its strong sense of self with visitors. (United States, Georgia)
    Author:  Lori Erickson
    Source:  The Gazette (Subscription-4 free articles per month)
  2. The restorative effects of nature. (United States, Maine)
    Author:  Abdi Nor Iftin
    Source:  Afar
  3. Aspen has just as much to offer in the summertime. (United States, Colorado)
    Author:  Katie Ellis
    Source:  The Cottage Journal
  4. Traveler’s Rest, SC is earning recognition as one of the coolest small towns in America. (United States, South Carolina)
    Author:  Lisa Wright
    Source:  The Travel
  5. Searching for a brewery tour in Brooklyn? (United States, New York)
    Author: Cedric Pentonville
    Source:  TRAVELMAG
  6. Which Hawaiian Island best suits you? (United States, Hawaii)
    Author:  Kylie Ruffino
    Source:  Budget Travel


  1. How to spend a perfect day in Kandy, Sri Lanka. (Blog, Asia, Sri Lanka)
    Source:  One Day Itinerary
  2. A jam packed tour of Portugal. (Blog, Europe, Portugal)
    Author:  Samantha Dancy
    Source:  Footsteps of a Wanderer


  1. A Travel Advisors’ business resource. (Podcast, Travel Business)
    Host:  Whitney Shindelar
    Source:  Masters in Travel
    (Podcast – 57 minutes 31 seconds)
  2. All you need to know about exploring Atlantic Canada. (Podcast, Canada)
    Host:  Matthew Butler
    Source:  The Travel Podcast
    (Podcast – 45 minutes 12 seconds)


  1. Feel the energy of Shanghai on this walk through The Bund. (Video, China)
    Source:  Walkeast
    (Video – 57 minutes 23 seconds)
  2. An introduction to the Faroe Islands. (Video, Scandinavia, Denmark, Faroe Islands)
    Source:  Allan Su
    (Video – 12 minutes 15 seconds)


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