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  1. How to spend a perfect day in Kandy, Sri Lanka. (Blog, Asia, Sri Lanka)
    Source:  One Day Itinerary
  2. A jam packed tour of Portugal. (Blog, Europe, Portugal)
    Author:  Samantha Dancy
    Source:  Footsteps of a Wanderer


  1. A Travel Advisors’ business resource. (Podcast, Travel Business)
    Host:  Whitney Shindelar
    Source:  Masters in Travel
    (Podcast – 57 minutes 31 seconds)
  2. All you need to know about exploring Atlantic Canada. (Podcast, Canada)
    Host:  Matthew Butler
    Source:  The Travel Podcast
    (Podcast – 45 minutes 12 seconds)


  1. Feel the energy of Shanghai on this walk through The Bund. (Video, China)
    Source:  Walkeast
    (Video – 57 minutes 23 seconds)
  2. An introduction to the Faroe Islands. (Video, Scandinavia, Denmark, Faroe Islands)
    Source:  Allan Su
    (Video – 12 minutes 15 seconds)


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