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Small towns located in stunning scenery are in no shortage throughout the world. Here you will find examples of the warm welcome each destination offers whether in the Black Forest of Germany, the beaches of North Carolina or Huangling in the mountainous region of Jiangxi, China.

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  1. Pahi Coastal Walk: The newest private tramp in New Zealand
    Author: Claire McCall
    Source: Stuff
    Summary: In Colville, the Pahi Coastal Walk, blend local history with lively anecdotes. The hike, launched by Cath and Zander Ward in 2022, spans their picturesque sheep and beef farm, offering a scenic 33km loop trail with diverse walking and biking options. The experience combines environmental stewardship, rustic accommodations, and gourmet food, attracting hundreds of hikers seeking both adventure and tranquility.
  2. Stay Spinalonga. The Hugely Popular Greek Island With No Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife or Cars-But A-Listers and Reality Stars Love It
    Author: Jonathan Samuels
    Source: The Irish Sun
    Summary: Spinalonga, an island off Crete’s northeastern coast, draws hundreds of tourists daily despite having no modern amenities, its haunting history as a former leper colony made famous by Victoria Hislop’s novel “The Island.” Nearby, the town of Elounda offers vibrant harborside dining and luxurious accommodations like Domes of Elounda, which provides stunning views, family-friendly pools, and high-end villas. Visitors enjoy exploring ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and rich mythology, all while experiencing great value for money in this picturesque corner of Greece.
  3. The Most Magnificent Train Rides in the U.S.
    Authors: Matt Meltzer and Hugo McCafferty
    Source: Thrillist
    Summary: Train travel is experiencing a resurgence in the U.S., offering scenic and eco-friendly journeys through breathtaking landscapes, from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Highlights include Alaska’s Aurora Winter Train, the iconic California Zephyr, and the historic Grand Canyon Railway, each providing unique vistas and experiences. Whether for short trips or extensive cross-country adventures, these rail journeys combine the romance of train travel with spectacular natural beauty and affordable luxury.
  4. Rishikesh vs Varanasi: Which of These Two Riverside Indian Cities Should You Visit?
    Authors: Margot Bigg and Monique Clay
    Source: Lonely Planet
    Summary: Rishikesh, known as the “yoga capital of the world,” offers a welcoming environment for spiritual seekers with its ashrams, yoga schools, and cleaner stretch of the Ganges, perfect for both meditation and adventure activities. In contrast, Varanasi, one of Hinduism’s holiest cities, offers a profound, intense spiritual experience with its ancient ghats, cremation rituals, and deep connection to Hindu traditions. While Rishikesh provides a serene, accessible retreat for wellness enthusiasts, Varanasi delivers a raw, transformative encounter with India’s sacred heritage and life’s mysteries.
  5. Sunset Beach is an Uncrowded, Underrated Vacation Spot
    Author: Lisa Cericola
    Source: Southern Living
    Summary: A great beach town needs wide sandy shores, local eateries, waterfront bars, and places for traditional fun like putt-putt courses and fishing piers. Sunset Beach, North Carolina, stands out with its peaceful vibe, shell-strewn shores, and attractions like Bird Island’s wildlife preserve and the unique Kindred Spirit mailbox. Visitors can enjoy activities from golf to local shopping, while diverse accommodations range from cozy inns to golf resort villas and beachfront rentals.


  1. Travel to Bavaria and Southern Germany
    Host: Chris Christensen
    Podcast: Amateur Traveler
    Time: 40 Minutes 33 Seconds
    Summary: A lively discussion about visiting the Black Forest, renowned for its wineries, Germany’s tallest waterfall, and the world’s largest cuckoo clock, sparked excitement about the distinct taste of German Riesling. They marveled at picturesque Gengenbach, where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was filmed, and historic Nuremberg, famous for its medieval heritage and WWII trials. The conversation highlighted Neuschwanstein Castle’s romantic architecture and the vibrant beer culture of Munich, with mentions of Oktoberfest, the Hofbrauhaus, and Rothenburg’s charming Christmas markets and storied past.
  2. Travel Japan by Train with Ryan Van Berkmoes
    Host: Ryan Van Berkmoes
    Podcast: Talk Travel Asia
    Time: 32 Minutes 34 Seconds
    Summary: The Japan rail system is renowned for its extensive network and remarkable efficiency, making it easy for even first-time visitors to navigate. Our guest shares practical insights on using the Shinkansen and regular trains, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the Japan Rail Pass for long-distance travel. Personal anecdotes reveal the seamlessness of traveling across Japan by train, emphasizing the flexibility and convenience it offers.
  3. How Travel Has Changed: 1970s to Now
    Host: Meggan & Jenn
    Podcast: The Travel Mug Podcast
    Time: 29 Minutes 22 Seconds
    Summary: The Travel Mug podcast takes listeners on a nostalgic journey through travel from the 1970s to the 2000s, highlighting dramatic changes in transportation, costs, and experiences. The hosts, Jenn and Meggan, reminisce about traveling by ship, using paper maps, and the rise of air travel, detailing how everything from ticket prices to in-flight amenities and travel destinations have evolved. They emphasize that while some changes, like improved technology and easier booking, have made travel more convenient, the era’s simplicity and adventurous spirit are often missed.
  4. Favorite Villages in the Lubéron
    Hosts: Annie Sargent & Elyse Rivin
    Podcast: We Travel There
    Time: 1 Hour 09 Minutes 20 Seconds
    Summary: Annie and Elyse discuss the stunning villages in the Lubéron, emphasizing the charm of its old stone architecture and picturesque settings. They offer practical advice for navigating the region, highlighting the need for careful planning due to narrow, winding roads and potential delays from slow-moving vehicles. They also recommend visiting local markets, especially in well-known villages like Gordes and Apt, to experience the area’s vibrant agricultural and culinary offerings.
  5. Travel Trends, Tools and Tips
    Host: Jason Moore
    Podcast: Zero to Travel
    Time: 34 Minutes 3 seconds
    Summary: Discover a profound definition of home that resonates deeply. Learn the top consideration for transitioning to full-time travel and explore emerging travel trends that can transform your travel experiences.


  1. People Warned Me NOT To Visit Rural China
    Source: Living in China
    Time: 16 Minute 45 Seconds
    Summary: In Jiangxi’s Huangling Scenic area, a picturesque fusion of ancient architecture and natural beauty, the host savors nostalgic moments and indulges in local delicacies like milk candy and traditional snacks while mingling with fans and trying cultural activities like candy crafting. Despite misconceptions about rural China, the serene countryside, captured in vintage charm and modern comforts, dispels myths and invites viewers to experience its allure firsthand. With a promise to return, the journey in Huangling ends, leaving a lasting impression of tranquility and cultural richness.
  2. Prague Travel Guide: Top Things To Do, Hidden Gems, Best Routes Around The City and more!
    Source: Dana Chill
    Time: 38 Minutes 54 Seconds
    Summary: In Prague, the video host highlights must-visit spots, starting with Old Town Square featuring the iconic Astronomical Clock and the hidden treasures within the Jewish Quarter, including the legendary Golem and the oldest active synagogue in Europe. They recommend exploring both sides of the Vltava River, taking a scenic tram to a monastery on a hill, and visiting the picturesque Vrtba Gardens for panoramic views. For a taste of local life, stroll through the Malá Strana district and indulge in a trdelník by Charles Bridge before heading up to the historical Prague Castle.
  3. Seoul Diaries -Museum Dates, Night Markets & Olive Young Hauls
    Source: Juan Marcel & Rhyla
    Time: 25 Minutes 05 Seconds
    Summary: The duo explores Seoul’s vibrant cafe culture, considering a cafe-hopping vlog, then ventures to Leeum Museum for a sensory-rich experience. They hike to Namsan Tower, lock their love, and enjoy date night at All That Jazz. Morning brings them to Cheonggyecheon Stream’s event, followed by a chaotic but exciting visit to Olive Young for skincare. They explore Myeongdong’s bustling night market, indulging in local treats like chili fries and marshmallow ice cream.
  4. 48 Hours in York
    Source: Hand Luggage Only
    Time: 6 Minutes 58 Seconds
    Summary: Exploring York turned out to be a pleasantly warm surprise, with highlights including a delicious sandwich, a delightful boat ride, and a scenic climb up York Minster’s 275 steps. Despite the cloudy weather, the trip was filled with unexpected adventures like visiting an art gallery and enjoying afternoon tea in a vintage train carriage at the railway museum. The experience exceeded all expectations, leaving a lasting impression before heading back to London.
  5. Aloha Aina – Indigenous Life in Hawaii
    Source: Captain Potter
    Time: 18 Minutes 18 Seconds
    Summary: Everyone emanates Aloha Aina in this video and this feeling will literally reach out and touch your heart.



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