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What to see in the UAE
A quick look into the variety of activities and accommodations available to visitors to the UAE.

The Best in the West-Glamping and Lodges
Consider glamping if you want to combine your love of luxury with outdoor living and adventure.

A Luxury Trip to the Bottom of the World
While seemingly inhospitable, a luxury journey deep into Antarctica offers unexpected wonders while traveling in comfort.

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Travel Research Monthly



  1. Exploring a Remote Thai Paradise
    Author: Travel Trends, Thailand
    Source: Times of India
  2. Seoul’s Coolest Neighborhood
    Author: Elyse Glickman
    Source: Global Traveler
  3. Taipei for Under $100 a Day
    Author: Wendy Ng
    Source: Taiwan Scene


  1. Bruges Debuts New City App
    Author: Deborah O’Donoghue
    Source: Travel Tomorrow
  2. Living Off Season in Greece
    Author: Bigger, Better World
    Source: International Living Podcast
  3. Spain in All Five Senses
    Source: Signature Luxury Travel


  1. Walking Japan’s Kiso Valley
    Author: Andres Zuleta
    Source: Boutique Japan
  2. Japan’s Starbucks in the Greenhouse
    Author: Timothy Sullivan
    Source: Live Japan

Middle East

  1. A Peek into Saudi Arabia
    Source: CNN (Video)
  2. What to see in the UAE
    Author: Kristina Lopez
    Source: Travel Noire


  1. A Luxury Trip to the Bottom of the World
    Author: Jonathan Soroff
    Source: Boston Magazine
  2. Denmark’s Sustainable Oasis
    Author: Lena Hunter
    Source: Scan Magazine
  3. A Quick Guide to Travelling Slow
    Author: Vacations & Travel
    Source: Vacations Staff

United Kingdom

  1. Uncovering Wales’ Little Italy One Branch at at Time
    Author: Steffan Rhys
    Source: Wales Online
  2. GB? UK? BI? What’s It All Mean?
    Author: Laura Sharman
    Source: Daily Mail

United States

  1. Savannah’s New Riverside District
    Author: Ann Kazel-Wilcox
    Source: Travel Squire
  2. Sorting Out San Fran’s Neighborhoods
    Author: Paul Stafford
    Source: TravelMag
  3. The Best in the West – Glamping and Lodges
    Author: Krista Simmons
    Source: Sunset Magazine


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