May 2022 Journal

Welcome to the May 2022 issue of Travel Research Monthly!


United States

Zero light pollution equals stunning stargazing in Colorado.
Feel at one with the universe under the dark skies of Colorado.

Middle East

Alexandria has never been anything but grand.
A visit to Alexandria expands the mind by guiding you through the centuries with each step.


Chimpanzee trekking is difficult but rewarding.
Locating and observing chimpanzees in their natural habitat is just awesome.

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Travel Research Monthly


Africa & The Middle East

  1. Discovery, not tourism, makes for a successful West African trip.
    Author: Michael Henry
    Source: Outpost Magazine
  2. Chimpanzee trekking is difficult but rewarding.
    Author: Team Africa Geographic
    Source: Africa Geographic
  3. The fjords of Oman provide isolation for the people of Kumzar but does not dampen their hospitality.
    Author: Daniel Stables
    Source: BBC News
  4. Alexandria has never been anything but grand.
    Author: Anthony Sattin
    Source: Wanderlust

Central & South America

  1. Kayaking in Ecuador means equal measures of excitement and luxury.
    Author: Eugene Buchanon
    Source Men’s Journal
  2. One of the most innovative chefs in the world leads Lima’s restaurant revolution.
    AuthorNicolas Stecher
    SourceMaxim Magazine

Europe & The United Kingdom

  1. Norway is the perfect fit for fit adventure seekers.
    Source: Luxury Travels
  2. The art of living abroad in France.
    Author: Tuula Rampont
    Source: International Living
  3. Istanbul’s female chefs challenge more than the food scene.
    Author: Dene Mullen
    Source: Silverkris
  4. There is no shortage of quaint villages in Scotland.
    Author: Bharat Bhushan
    Source: DLMag

New Zealand & Tasmania

  1. The secret of The Coromandel is out so don’t delay your visit.
    Source: Vacations & Travel
  2. The New Zealand town of Methven is a popular respite from active pursuits.
    Author: Brook Sabin
    Source: Stuff
  3. Tasmania took a step back during the pandemic by designing sustainable and intentional experiences for visitors.
    Author: Julie Earle-Levine
    Source: Adventure Travel News


  1. Traveling from Tahiti to Easter Island and experiencing the middle of nowhere.
    Source:  World Traveller Middle East
  2. Feel the energetic intensity of Japan’s cities juxtaposed with the meditative intensity of its countryside through these images.
    Author: James Weber
    Source: Passion Passport

Travel News

  1. How to avoid the travel mistakes we all make.
    Host: Ben Groundwater
    Source: Flights of Fancy Podcast
    Time: 42 minutes 52 seconds
  2. The “non-tourist” approach to travel.
    Source: Travmedia

United States

  1. Explore San Luis Obispo, where wine and good times flow.
    Author: Christina Mueller
    Source: Marin Magazine
  2. Wyoming’s Wind River Country provides a breath-taking alternative to Yellowstone.
    Author: Allie Jones
    Source: Cowboys & Indians
  3. Zero light pollution equals stunning stargazing in Colorado.
    Author: Jessica LaRusso
    Source: 5280 Magazine


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