March 2020

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As we continue to search for interesting, informative articles I find I constantly learn more and more about this beautiful world we live in.  These articles encourage me to plan for the future.  Whether it is to travel and visit new places or learn something new about an often visited destination I am constantly inspired by what I read and I am spurred on to plan new trips for myself and my family.  I hope that you also learn something new that you can impart to your clients or use as you plan your next trip.  

I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


Montreal is undergoing a multi-year billion dollar renovation of it’s main street, rue Sainte-Catherine, promising a more attractive and people friendly experience.
If I can’t travel to Paris then Montreal is the next best option.  Montreal gives me my European fix and it’s main street makeover will only enhance people’s experience of the city.


Searching for peace and finding it in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park.
I find more and more that I crave stillness and, while I can find hidden spots near my home, the thought of traveling to a place that encourages and nourishes stillness is appealing.  Airlines have even changed their flight patterns to maintain the peace in this special place.


Consider relationship tourism at a small BNB in Italy.
Roberto Feretti’s guests enjoy building relationships with each other while visiting local farmers and later gathering to make their meal at the end of the day while enjoying a diverse group of new friends.


Suitcases and Sunshine is a hybrid of a podcast and an audiobook. This episode details visiting Angkor Wat and Siem Reap in Cambodia.
I enjoyed this episode of Suitcases and Sunshine because it wasn’t your typical travel podcast.  It had a story-like quality to it which made it a very easy listen while still learning about Cambodia.

I welcome your feedback. Knowing what you like and need will help me continue to curate an informative and entertaining Journal.

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