April 2022 Journal

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Experience the essence of authentic Thailand.
Break away from the touristy and explore the Issan region, often overlooked, to explore the true essence of Thailand.


Connecting through language.
A second language learned in childhood, lost due to disuse, is reborn through relationships in France.

United Kingdom

How the residents have shaped the village of Highgate.
The spirit of the residents of Highgate, past and present, have shaped this village into a place where being a free thinker is celebrated.

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Asia & New Zealand

  1. Experience the essence of authentic Thailand.
    Author: Michael Collins
    Source: International Living
  2. Let your interests guide you to the perfect location in Indonesia.
    Author: Mark Johanson
    Source: Lonely Planet
  3. Your favorite destination has a New Zealand doppleganger waiting to be explored.
    Author: Pamela Wade
    Source: Stuff

South America, Mexico & the Caribbean

  1. Looking for a deep dive into tequila or guided walk through a colonial city?  Guanajuato does not disappoint.
    Author: Ann Ruppenstein
    Source: Offshore
  2. Glacier gazing in Argentina.
    Author: Mark Johanson
    Source: Travel & Leisure
  3. The regeneration after its devastating 2010 earthquake is taking shape but it will still be uniquely Haiti.
    Author: Phoebe Smith
    Source: Wanderlust


  1. Centenarios, restaurants & taverns in existence for 100’s of years, help define the culture and history of Madrid.
    Author:  Rachael Pennington
    Source: TravelMag
  2. Take an virtual dive into the Street Art Museum Amsterdam.
    Author: Anindya Sen
    Source: Jing Culture & Commerce
  3. Connecting through language.
    Author:  Piyush Mishra
    Source:  Outpost Magazine


  1. Timing is everything when planning a trip  to Norway.
    Author:  Adam Hurly
    Source: Men’s Journal
  2. Iceland makes it nearly impossible to deny our connection to the earth and the forces that shape it.
    Author:  Wailana Kalama
    Source:  Palm Luxury Redefined
  3. It is as important to experience Norway’s culture as it is it’s beauty.
    Author:  Rick Steves
    Source:  Luxury Travel Advisor

United Kingdom

  1. Feel like you have explored all there is of London?  Not so fast.
    Author:  Oonagh Turner
    Source:  Britain Magazine
  2. How the residents have shaped the village of Highgate
    Author:  Carla Passino
    Source:  Country Living UK
  3. The melancholy that is the North Yorkshire Moors.
    Author:  Joly Braime
    Source:  Ernest


  1. If money is no object, travel to the North Pole via Airship.
    Author:  Irenie Forshaw
    Source:  elitetraveler
  2. The NW Territories provide the adventurer with an exhausting list of challenging opportunities.
    Author:  Justin Walker
    Source:  Australian Geographic
  3. The inability to see does not diminish the wonder of Africa when one’s other senses kick in.
    Author:  Imbar Golt
    Source:  Africa Geographic

Podcasts & Blogs

  1. Svaneti evokes feelings of a remote outpost.
    Author:  Nina Gomarteli
    Source:  Passion Passport
  2. The crossroads of Brittany and Loire combine in the beauty of Nantes.
    Source:  Join Us In France
    One hour and three minutes
  3. Escape to Koh Lanta, Thailand and enjoy the laid back vibe
    Source:  Condé Nast Escape Routes
    Sixteen minutes


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