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Domestic travel is taking off in the United States and people are talking about where they want to go next.  Both domestically and as soon as possible, internationally.  The anticipation takes me back to adventures taken to new destinations in the past, only slightly sweeter!  I look forward to the time when the world is open to all travelers and we can go out, meet each other again and share the wonder that this world has to offer.


Been on safari? Now start visiting the rest of Africa.
When people from outside of Africa think of visiting the continent, their first thought is most likely a safari.   It might also be their second or third thought.  Once the safari box has been checked, consider returning to visit the rest of Africa.  Senegal makes a great first stop when expanding your knowledge of the continent and this article offers great advice to make the most of your trip.


Getting to New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound requires a sense of adventure.
Traveling to Doubtful Sound is an adventure in itself including a ferry ride across a lake, then a drive on a bus on a remote road and finally a second ferry to take in the other worldly view of mountains and waterfalls found throughout this unforgettable fiord.


Krause Springs’ lush greenery and abundant springs are a welcome respite from Texas heat.
Traveling through Texas in the summer means keeping the heat at bay.  A stop at Krause Springs in Texas Hill Country can be  a welcome respite with its lush greenery, spring fed pool and swimming hole.


London’s Bethnal Green neighborhood is suddenly on everyone’s radar.
London’s Bethnal Green has a proud working class history which has survived tough times.  This East End neighborhood is beginning to enjoy the attention that new interest has brought in the form of new shops, restaurants and bars which intermingle with time honored favorites.

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  1. Chinampas, or floating gardens, are a recently rediscovered ancient Aztec method of sustainable farming. (Mexico)
    Author:  Megan Zhang
    Source:  Condé Nast Traveler
  2. Sao Paolo’s must see museums. (South America, Brazil)
    Author:  Travel Channel Staff
    Source:  Travel Channel
  3. A glimpse into travel in Nicaragua. (Central America, Nicaragua)
    Author:  Caspar Greeff
    Source:  Maverick Life
  1. Ferry out to Stockholm’s archipelago islands to understand its connection to the sea. (Scandinavia, Sweden)
    Author:  Evie Carrick
    Source:  Travel+Leisure
  2. Helsinki is becoming a hot destination at any time of year. (Scandinavia, Finland)
    Author:  LLM Reporters
    Source:  Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
  3. Sweden invites you to explore its summer side. (Scandinavia, Sweden)
    Author:  Marcus Westburg
    Source:  New York Times (Subscription-5 free articles per month)
  1. The Grand Hibernian Train will be moving from Ireland to Europe. (Travel Business, Train)
    Author:  Katrina Lobley
    Source:  Traveller
  2. A motel renaissance is taking place in Texas. (Travel Business, United States, Texas)
    Author:  Cynthia J. Drake
    Source:  Texas Monthly
  3. How the hospitality industry is addressing the concept of wellbeing. (Travel Business)
    Authors:  Alia Akkam, Katie Kervin & Alissa Ponchione
    Source:  Hospitality Design


  1. Exploring the flora, fauna and falls of the Blue Mountains. (Blog, Australia)
    Author:  Ian Smith
    Source:  Starts at 60
  2. Forest bathing is not what you think. (Blog)
    Author:  Caitlin Morton


  1. The history of New York City’s Botanical Gardens. (Podcast, United States, New York)
    Hosts:  Greg Young & Tom Meyers
    Source:  The Bowery Boys
    (Podcast – 1 hour 3 minutes 5 seconds)
  2. What to expect when barge cruising in France. (Podcast, Europe, France)
    Host:  Chris Christensen
    Source:  The Amateur Traveler
    (Podcast – 44 minutes 6 seconds)


  1. Scenes of Tanzania. (Video, Africa, Tanzania)
    Source:  Sergi Martinez Miró
    (Video – 2 minutes 57 seconds)
  2. A quick guide to the differences among the three islands in the Caymans. (Video, Caribbean, Cayman Islands)
    Source:  Lonely Planet
    (Video – 6 minutes 29 seconds)


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