April 2021

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Another month closer to normalcy.  I look around at friends and family tentatively sticking their toes in the sand…taking previously planned trips closer to home, then maybe a little further afield.  Taking a plane instead of driving.  Maybe a little nervous at first but then reconnecting with their spirit of adventure.  It is an exhilarating experience and one that I know we are all looking forward to.  When you get the chance, with proper precautions, I hope you are able to take a trip and enjoy!


A woman’s vision and a historical pastry have brought Kolomna, Russia back as a tourist destination.
It is truly inspiring to see what can be set in motion when one person’s vision leads to real change.  Two women set a course to revive a long forgotten pastry as a souvenir gift representative of the city of Kolomna and its history.  In doing so, they have inspired others to develop and support cottage industries that have put the city back on the map as a place to visit.


Endangered Skara Brae settlement offers a glimpse into the Neolthic Age.
Skara Brae was settled in 3180 BC and remained undiscovered until a massive storm lashed the Orkney coast in 1850.  What emerged was an almost perfectly preserved Neolithic site.  Sadly, time and the elements are taking their toll and the sea is creeping ever closer to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Guadalajara is a hip destination often missed.
When planning a trip to Mexico the inclination is to head to Mexico City but Guadalajara is worth considering.  It offers much of what Mexico City has to offer in terms of great food, artisans and hip neighborhoods but on a smaller scale.


Teretti Bazaar celebrates Kolkata’s small Chinese Indian community’s street food.
If you sleep in while in Kolkata you will all but miss the historic but small Teretti Bazaar.  Vendors specialize in Indo-Chinese food so appreciated that it frequently sells out before dawn.

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Travel Research Monthly

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