February 2020

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We have expanded our source list as we search the world for articles, blogs, videos and podcasts.  We are eager to offer this variety in order to expose readers to different perspectives.  Ultimately, the writers all embrace a love of learning about new places and cultures which is what drives all of us in the travel business.

I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


Havana’s entrepreneurs have made the most of the opening of the private economy. 
I have always craved more information on Cuba, as a country, and its people.  I was excited to see a number of local entrepreneurs putting their love of Havana to work towards transforming the city for locals and visitors alike.


It is worth venturing inland from Palermo and Catania to explore Sicily’s wine country. In particular the estates of the Tasca d’Almerita family which was recognized by Wine Enthusiast as the 2019 European Winery of the Year. 
I admire the Tasca’s passion for Sicily and wine as well as their dedication to preserving and improving their family’s estate.


The Wayfarer Hotel in Los Angeles is offering a new take on restaurant dining in The Kitchen. Guests who are missing a home cooked meal have the ability to make one of Chef Dimitrius’ cook-it-yourself meals in the restaurant’s kitchen.
How fun would this be!   After traveling for a number of days, I definitely start to miss home cooked meals.  I can’t think of a better way to feed this need than to make a meal at The Kitchen at The Wayfarer Hotel in Los Angeles using chef inspired recipes in a professional kitchen.  I find it comforting to know the chef is nearby should I need any guidance!


Women only travel is moving from a niche market to the mainstream and gives women the chance to experience other cultures in new ways.
Certainly, I enjoy traveling on my own from time to time or with the “girls”.  It is a great way to reconnect with yourself and with friends.  This article highlights not only women traveling alone but their ability to experience other cultures in ways that are not always available to them when traveling with male counterparts. 

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Travel Research Monthly

  1. Santa Barbara’s unique charm offers the opportunity to enjoy its laid back personality while taking in local wineries, Michelin Guide restaurants, hiking and tours of the city’s colonial architecture.  (United States, California)
    Author: Emma Reynolds
    Source: Elite Traveler
  2. Visiting San Diego or LA during March-May? The Carlsbad Flower Fields is an overwhelming display of beauty and color overlooking the ocean.  (United States, California)
    Author: Stacey Leasca
    Source: Travel + Leisure
  3. Suggestions for a perfect drive to discover Maui’s Upcountry.  (United States, Hawaii)
    Author: Lahia Apana
    Source: Maui Magazine
  4. The Wayfarer Hotel in Los Angeles is offering a new take on restaurant dining in The Kitchen. Guests who are missing a home cooked meal have the ability to make one of Chef Dimitrius’ cook-it-yourself meals in the restaurant’s kitchen.  (United States, California, Food)
    Author: Adam Robb
    Source: Food and Wine Magazine
  5. Huntsville, Alabama is more than just a space, tech heavy town. It has broadened its appeal with the addition of outdoor venues, restaurants and activities for all ages.  (United States, Alabama, Food)
    Author: Larry Bleiberg
    Source: Atlanta Magazine
  6. Art and design lovers will not be disappointed by Miami’s rise as a major player in art and design preservation and cultivation.  (United States, Florida)
    Author: Laura Itzkowitz
    Source: Architectural Digest
  7. Acoma Pueblo and Sky City, 60 miles west of Albuquerque, offer glimpses into the history and culture of the Acoma people.  (United States, New Mexico)
    Author: Kate Nelson
    Source: New Mexico Magazine


  1. An adventurous look at traveling through Greenland.  (Podcast, Scandinavia, Greenland)
    Author: Chris Christensen
    Source: Amateur Traveler
    (21 minutes)
  2. A destination discussion about history, music and culture with Irish guide, Garvan Rushe.  (Podcast, Ireland, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland)
    Host:  Jason Moore
    Source: Zero to Travel
    (1 hour and 33 minutes. Content begins at the 6 minute mark)
  3. Traveling with family in Egypt. Dispelling myths and helpful tips.  (Podcast, Middle East, Egypt)
    Hosts:  Kimberly Tate & Tamara Gruber
    Source: Vacation Mavens
    (32 minutes and 45 seconds. Content begins at the 4 minute and 12 second mark)


  1. Walk the streets of Venice in this intimate view of the city.  (Video, Europe, Italy)
    Source: 4K Urban Life
    (1 Hour)
  2. A drive on Hwy. 9 through Zion National Park in Utah offers breathtaking views and infinite peace.  (Video, United States, Utah)
    Source: Aviatorathome
    (22 minutes and 41 seconds)
  3. Enjoy the view from above in Scotland traveling from Isle of Skye to Ben Nevis,  (Video, United Kingdom, Scotland)
    Source: World From Above HD
    (25 minutes 27 seconds)


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