April 2024 Journal

Welcome to the April 2024 Issue of Travel Research Monthly!

Berlin and Bhutan have always intrigued me. The edgy artistic scene in Berlin and the utter peace of Bhutan while vastly different provide immersive experiences uniquely their own.

Traveling internationally with children, especially at younger ages, can be both challenging and rewarding. I hope the suggestions in the Family Travel Special podcast are helpful for anyone looking to travel with a baby.

I welcome your feedback, so as this year progresses, I hope you will share your thoughts with me.

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Travel Research Monthly


  1. A Guide to Berlin, Germany’s Most Creative City
    Author: Sean Newsom
    Source: National Geographic Traveller UK
    Summary: The Teufelsberg, a monumental hill in Berlin, encapsulates the city’s dynamic history and vibrant present. Once a relic of World War II and a Cold War listening post, it’s now a bustling hub of creativity adorned with captivating street art. Despite challenges like gentrification, Berlin’s artistic spirit remains resilient and pervasive, evident in grassroots initiatives and performance art scenes. Exploring the city’s evolving landscape and rich cultural tapestry offers travelers an exhilarating and deeply connected experience.
  2. 15 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain
    Author: Lori Zaino
    Source: The Points Guy
    Summary: Spain’s renowned cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville offer quintessential experiences, drawing in countless visitors with their rich culture and attractions. However, amidst the bustling tourist hotspots, lies the charm of Spain’s picturesque villages, or “pueblos,” offering tranquil and unique getaways. With 15 stunning villages to choose from, ranging from mountain retreats to coastal escapes, travelers can enjoy a serene vacation away from the crowds. While some villages are accessible by public transport, renting a car provides the flexibility to explore these hidden gems with ease, promising a memorable and relaxing adventure off the beaten path.
  3. Exploring the Most Beautiful Libraries Across Finland
    Source: Visit Finland
    Summary: Hôtel de la Boétie, designed by Beata Heuman, offers a romantic escape in central Paris, blending rococo style with modern design across its 40 rooms. Situated near the Champs-Élysées, the hotel features chic interiors with a twist on Parisian simplicity, including theatrical lounge areas and bedrooms with unique color schemes and original furnishings. Heuman’s design incorporates offbeat art, antiques, and objects from her collection ‘Shoppa’, while preserving elements of the building’s 19th-century architecture, creating a stage-like experience for guests to explore.
  4. New Wave Bakeries are on the Rise in Puerto Rico
    Author: Camila Morino
    Source: Eater
    Summary: Explore Finland beyond its famous cities by immersing yourself in the local life at Finnish libraries, which are more than just book repositories. These architecturally stunning spaces reflect the era of their design and draw inspiration from Finnish nature, offering opportunities for quiet reflection or engaging activities for families. Best of all, these libraries are open to everyone and free of charge, providing an enriching experience for all visitors. So whether you’re admiring the grandeur of Helsinki’s National Library or the modern innovation of Seinäjoki’s Apila & Aalto Libraries, Finland’s libraries promise a memorable and accessible adventure.
  5. An Insider’s Guide to Paris – Luxury Hotels, Vintage Shops, and the City’s Best Restaurants Included
    Author: Sophie Dodd
    Source: Travel + Leisure
    Summary: Discover the vibrant tapestry of Paris beyond its iconic landmarks and classic attractions. Embrace the city’s dynamic blend of tradition and innovation, from historic cafes to trendy Michelin-starred restaurants. With a curated list of must-visit spots, you can experience the best of Paris, from luxurious hotels to charming wine bars and eclectic concept shops. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned visitor, there’s always something new and exciting to explore in the City of Light.


  1. The Case for Travel, Episode 155  (scroll down on their website to listen to this episode)
    Hosts: Ryan Davis & Kiernan Schmitt
    Podcast: Out of Office
    Time: 44 Minutes
    Summary: This Out of Office podcast discusses the merits of travel for everyone against the backdrop of a recent New Yorker article which made the case against travel.
  2. Unusual Ways to Meet the Locals
    Host: Amanda Kendle
    Podcast: The Thoughtful Traveler
    Time: 28 Minutes 35 Seconds
    Summary: Three travelers detail their unique, immersive cultural experiences which may encourage you to think outside of the box and embrace spontaneity when meeting locals.
  3. Family Travel Special – 6 Months & Under, Travel Tips & More
    Hosts: Holly Rubenstein
    Podcast: The Travel Diaries
    Time: 54 Minutes 
    Summary: Holly Rubenstein comes to the rescue for all parents traveling or contemplating travel with a 0-6 month old.  Insightful tips to make travel easier along with suggested baby friendly destinations.
  4. Orkney Living; Walkable European Cities; Nomads of Europe
    Host: Rick Steves
    Podcast: Travel with Rick Steves
    Time: 52 Minutes 
    Summary: Three totally different cultural topics but all touch on the human experience. From life on the Orkney Islands and what these tiny islands off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland have to share with the world to city planning differences between Europe and the United States and the nomadic experience and how it shapes how we live today.
  5. Texas: Literally My First Rodeo
    Host: Palle Bo
    Podcast: The Radio Vagabond
    Time: 27 Minutes 19 Seconds
    Summary: Danish podcaster, Palle Bo, travels outside of San Antonio to go behind the scenes at his first Texas Rodeo and you can’t miss his enjoyment of the event!


  1. Kingdom of Happiness: Bhutan Took Our Breath Away
    Source: Fernweh Chronicles
    Time: 28 minutes 24 seconds
    Summary: I would love to join this family on a journey. Watching their young children thriving and learning about a culture that was new to them is a lesson for all travelers to fully experience a culture with open hearts and minds.
  2. How to Spend 14 Days in Japan – A Japan Travel Itinerary
    Source: Allan Su
    Time: 38 minutes 9 seconds
    Summary: Allan Su showcases 14 days in Japan in a vibrant and informative video helping anyone looking for the best way to see as much of Japan in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible!
  3. My Trip to India – Exploring Kerala
    Source: Allison Anderson
    Time: 8 minutes 59 seconds
    Summary: Allison Anderson visits the mountains and rivers of Kerala, India in what could be described as a perfect slow journey experience. A guided tour of this rugged, yet hospitable destination would make all the difference in your experience.
  4. Azores – The Green Wonder of the Atlantic
    Source: Anton somewhere
    Time: 53 minutes 8 seconds
    Summary: The Azores are defined by a landscape sculpted in part by past volcanic eruptions, the wind and the ocean. It’s residents take the minute by minute changing weather in stride while they enjoy everything these islands have to offer.
  5. Korea for Foodies
    Source: Travel with Darley
    Time: 24 minutes 54 seconds
    Summary: Darley Newman visits a variety of venues to experience local Korean dishes made in the Buddhist tradition.



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