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Visiting the California of Europe
The Algarve’s sunny days provide plenty of time to soak up the relaxed California vibe with a European twist.

Glacier Hunting in Alaska
Getting to Alaska’s glaciers is an adventure worth the effort.

The Vibe of Namibia
Namibia’s open, arid desert offers a break from your typical safari but you are still likely to cross paths with an elephant or two.

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Travel Research Monthly



  1. The Vibe of Namibia
    Author: Todd Plummer
    Source: Vogue


  1. George Town is the Jewel of Malaysia
    Author: Simon Elegant
    Source: Jordan News
  2. The Lesser-Known Cities of China
    Author: Maggie Hiufu Wong
    Source: CNN Travel
  3. The Deer of Nara Prefecture
    Author: Lila Bartolomeo
    Source: The Travel

Australia & New Zealand

  1. Japan in Australia
    Author: Reema Hindi
    Source: Concrete Playground
  2. Sailing the Lakes of the Australian Outback
    Author: Dean Sewell
    Source: Australian Geographic
  3. Townsville – Where the Outback Meets the Ocean
    Author: Ricky French
    Source: Broadsheet
  4. New Zealand’s Middle Earth
    Author: Ians
    Source: IOL

Europe & United Kingdom

  1. A Guide to Exploring Croatia
    Author: Apollonas Kritikos
    Source: Travel Daily News
  2. Be Sure to Know Your Dinner Time in Italy
    Author: Clarice Knelly
    Source: Tasting Table
  3. Visiting the California of Europe
    Author: Stacy Suaya
    Source: Travel + Leisure
  4. Walking Wales’ Fan y Big
    Author: Christopher Ridout
    Source: Countryfile


  1. A Slow Train Through India
    Author: Charukesi Ramadurai
    Source: BBC Travel

Mexico & South America

  1. Exploring Mexico with Eva Longoria
    Author: Antonia DeBianchi
    Source: People
  2. Barragán’s Exquisite Mexican Architecture
    Author: Bethany Platanella
    Source: Mexico Daily News
  3. The European Cafes of Buenos Aires
    Author: Anthony Dennis
    Source: Traveller


  1. Antarctica’s Art Gallery
    Author: Harriett Lloyd-Smith
    Source: Wallpaper
  2. Travelling Through Fictional Novels
    Author: Laura Sackton
    Source: Bookriot
  3. Travel Slow and Deep
    Author: Jesse Ashlock
    Source: Condé Nast Traveler

North America

  1. Cycling Canada’s Kettle Valley Rail Trail
    Author: Steve Madgwick
    Source: Escape
  2. An Indigenous Snowshoe Tour Through Alberta
    Author: Jennifer Bain
    Source: National Parks Traveler
  3. Glacier Hunting in Alaska
    Source: Travel Alaska
  4. The Third Jewel in America’s Triple Crown of Hiking
    Author: Grayson Haver Currin
    Source: Outside


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