March 2022 Journal

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United Kingdom

Wild Wales in a week (or more).
The beauty of Wales is that it is easily traveled.  You can get the flavor of the country in a week, visiting the wild coast and the brooding mountains or increase the duration of your stay and enjoy small villages like Hay on Wye which is known for its international book festival.


The Italian? village of Seborga.
A village in the Italian Riviera might not be Italian after all.  Seborga has hopes of being its own principality some day but, until then, they are content to remain Italian.


Family travel – light.
File this helpful business under the “why didn’t I think of that” category.  Any parent traveling with children will immediately breathe a sigh of relief after being relieved of carrying their entire house with you every time they travel.


Does Iceland live up to its mystical hype?
Wondering whether Iceland really lives up to its hype?  This article explores the characteristics that make Iceland so unique.

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Africa & The Middle East

  1. Graffiti that has stood the test of time.
    Author: Aaron Spray
    Source: The Travel

Asia & India

  1. Artistic depictions celebrating the diversity of India.
    Author: TT Bureau
    Source: Today’s Traveller
  2. Art lives and breathes on these Japanese Islands.
    Author: Lizanda Lucas
    Source: Passion Passport
  3. There is more to low key Kansai that meets the eye.
    Source: Signature Luxury Travel


  1. The Italian? village of Seborga.
    Author: Jacopo Prisco
    Source: CNN  Travel
  2. Feeling French rather than visiting France.
    Author: Ashley Tibbits
    Source: The Zoe Report
  3. Saxon Switzerland isn’t where you think.
    Author: Jacek Slowik
    Source: Go World Travel
  4. Sicily’s difficult history makes its present even sweeter.
    Author: Adam Hay-Nicholls
    Source: Country Life UK
  5. Does Iceland live up to its mystical hype?
    Author: Wailana Kalama
    Source: Palm Luxury Redefined
  6. How best to enjoy Denmark’s second city.
    Author: Gemma Bowes
    Source: The Guardian

North America

  1. Quintessential American road trips.
    Author: Bharat Bhushan
    Source: dl Mag
  2. Quebec and Montreal, European in essence and Canadian at heart.
    Author: Anthony Lambert
    Source: Wanderlust
  3. US luxury train travel does exist!
    Author: Kyle Schnitzer
    Source: Robb Report
  4. Discovering South Carolina’s thoroughbred country.
    Source: Atlanta Magazine

South America, Caribbean

  1. Traveling the Andes by train whatever your budget.
    Source: Outpost Magazine
  2. Puerto Rican food stalls combine food with fun!
    Author: Laura Kiniry
    Source: Smithsonian Magazine

United Kingdom

  1. Wild Wales in a week (or more).
    Author: Portia Jones
    Source: Wales Online


  1. The transforming power of travel.
    Author: Marlon Moreno
    Source: Bold Magazine

Travel Business

  1. Family travel – light.
    Author: Doug Gollan
    Source: Forbes Magazine (4 Free Articles per Month)


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