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Welcome to the February 2024 issue of Travel Research Monthly!

From time to time this year, I will be freshening up the website and trying new formats. This email and my website are an expression of my love of travel, learning more about places I have already visited and places that are on my never-ending “to visit” list.  It is also an opportunity for me to share what I am reading and enjoying with all of you.

I will be presenting a mix of articles, podcasts and videos for your enjoyment along with an occasional hotel, tour or destination that I think provides a unique experience. I welcome your feedback, so as this year progresses, I hope you will share your thoughts with me.

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  1. Why Bulgaria is the Perfect Choice for Those Seeking a Less Touristic Europe
    Author: Faith Katunga
    Source: Travel Noire
    Summary: Bulgaria, often overlooked among Europe’s more famous destinations, offers travelers a unique and authentic experience with its preserved traditions, quaint villages, and captivating cultural heritage. Beyond its rich culture, Bulgaria’s natural landscapes, from the Rila Mountains to the Black Sea coast, provide diverse outdoor adventures amidst stunning scenery. Additionally, Bulgaria’s affordability makes luxury experiences, from dining to spa retreats, accessible to most travelers, making it an enticing destination for those seeking both cultural immersion and natural beauty without breaking the bank.
  2. What Makes Pesariis tick? The Italian town where clocks rule
    Author: Lisa Morrow
    Source: Adventure.com
    Summary: Pesariis, an Italian village in the Carnia region, boasts a rich clockmaking heritage dating back centuries, yet remains relatively undiscovered with only around 10,000 to 12,000 visitors annually. The Solari family, known for innovations in clock technology, including airport departure boards, traces its roots back to Pesariis, where clocks adorn every corner and street. Through exploration of the village’s history and meeting local residents, visitors like Kim Hewett discover familial connections and gain insights into the pioneering spirit of their ancestors, shaping a profound sense of pride and connection to their heritage.
  3. Love is in the air at Hôtel de la Boétie in Paris
    Author: Sofia De La Cruz
    Source: Wallpaper
    Summary: Hôtel de la Boétie, designed by Beata Heuman, offers a romantic escape in central Paris, blending rococo style with modern design across its 40 rooms. Situated near the Champs-Élysées, the hotel features chic interiors with a twist on Parisian simplicity, including theatrical lounge areas and bedrooms with unique color schemes and original furnishings. Heuman’s design incorporates offbeat art, antiques, and objects from her collection ‘Shoppa’, while preserving elements of the building’s 19th-century architecture, creating a stage-like experience for guests to explore.
  4. Embark on a Classical Music-Inspired Tour Through Germany and Austria
    Author: Lynn Houghton
    Source: Marriott Bonvoy Traveler
    Summary: Germany and Austria boast a rich classical music legacy, with composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss shaping the musical landscape. Five cities, including Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Essen, offer unique experiences tied to this musical heritage alongside other cultural attractions. From Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg to Vienna’s opulent palaces and Hamburg’s maritime history, each city offers a blend of history, music, and charm, making for unforgettable cultural exploration, contingent on checking current travel guidelines and closures.
  5. In the Remote Northwest Territories of Canada, Indigenous Tourism Paves the Path Forward
    Author: Sophy Roberts
    Source: Condé Nast Traveler
    Summary: In the late 19th century, the author’s great-grandfather embarked on a gold-seeking journey in Canada’s Klondike region, facing harsh winter conditions and relying on Indigenous knowledge for survival. Today, initiatives like Stories of Canada seek to highlight Indigenous culture and tourism in Canada, addressing historical injustices while promoting cultural understanding. Travelers can participate in tours like Winter in the Northwest Territories, engaging respectfully with Indigenous communities and supporting local economies.


  1. Dublin to Cork Road Trip in Southeastern Ireland
    Host: Chris Christensen
    Podcast: Amateur Traveler
    Time: 53 Minutes
    Summary: Dublin to Cork is a well-traveled route but take the time along the way to explore the east coast of Ireland, especially if you seek a slightly less touristy Irish option. You can take advantage of mountain hikes, coastal walks and plenty of suggestions to experience Ireland as a local.
  2. Island Hopping in Spain, Italy & Croatia
    Host: Lale Arikoglu
    Podcast: Women Who Travel
    Time: 33 Minutes 27 Seconds
    Summary: A slow travel journey through the Mediterranean Islands generated by a recent translation of Homer’s Odyssey. Author Laura Coffey ultimately learns to be open to fate having a hand in her travels.
  3. 10 Best National Parks for Sightseeing & Non-Hiking Adventures in 2024
    Hosts: Jamla Marrush, Brittanie Harbick & Kimberly Deese
    Podcast: Travel Squad
    Time: 43 Minutes 30 seconds
    Summary: The Travel Squad presents a list of iconic national parks perfect for sightseeing without a demanding hike. Whether you prefer car-accessible overlooks or other activities like snorkeling, these parks offer easy ways to experience America’s natural beauty.
  4. Greater Palm Springs Perfection
    Host: Holly Rubenstein
    Podcast: The Travel Diaries
    Time: 40 Minutes 58 Seconds
    Summary: Greater Palm Springs beckons with its desert allure, evoking a sense of enchantment that never fails to captivate visitors. This oasis exudes a unique blend of vintage elegance and contemporary sophistication, drawing inspiration from its illustrious past.
  5. The Psychology of Travel with Dr. Anthony Stevenson
    Host: Jason Moore
    Podcast: Zero to Travel
    Time: 1 Hour 26 Minutes 47 Seconds
    Summary:  Learn about the interconnectedness between our lifestyles and the environment, the significance of understanding travel psychology, managing travel anxieties, and the transformative power of travel, along with exploring topics like cultural identity, time perception, memory, and eco-anxiety.


  1. Giethoorn ‘Venice of the Netherlands’ Walking Tour
    Source: Wanderlust Travel
    Time: 27 minutes 19 seconds
    Summary: Meandering canals, tree-lined walking and bike paths offer the only way to experience this peaceful village where singing birds and charming cottages are the norm.
  2. World Famous Island of Gardens| Mackinac Island Summer Garden Tour 2023
    Source: Nature Harmony TV
    Time: 1 Hour 56 minutes 53 seconds
    Summary: Lovingly tended, the gorgeous gardens of Mackinac Island are in full bloom during the summer and all are within walking distance of the downtown area, ready to be viewed in all of their vivid splendor.
  3. Scotland Nature Relaxing Movie 4K – Meditation Relaxing Music
    Source: World Tour 4K
    Time: 3 Hours 56 minutes 53 seconds
    Summary: Aerial footage of Scotland’s landscapes, castles, cities and coastline set to relaxing piano music, draw you in to experience Scotland’s rugged yet exquisite beauty.
  4. Capri, Italy Walking Tour (ASMR binaural audio) Beautiful Scenery
    Source: Prowalk Tours
    Time: 5 Hours 42 minutes 24 seconds
    Summary: Capri offers beauty, energy and a charismatic charm that you can’t fail to see in this inviting video.
  5. Unspoken RULES of Japan -What I Wish I Knew Before Coming
    Source: Inaka Adventure
    Time: 13 minutes 38 seconds
    Summary: This video delights and informs travelers of the expectations of this discreet and proper culture which will help to alleviate any awkward moments.



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