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Around the World in a Tiny Plane
A family adventure where every member plays a vital role while raising money for charity.

Pink Girls Run the World Brings Diversity to Travel
One woman’s quest to turn travel dreams into reality for women of color became a legacy her granddaughter continues today.

A Shrine to French Pastries in NYC’s East Village
My love affair with French pastry will lead me here on my next visit to NYC.

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Kathy Pachman
Travel Research Monthly



  1. The Magic of Kenya’s Chyulu Hills
    Author: Sarah Marshall
    Source: The Irish News
  2. Morocco’s Bustling Berber Market
    Author: Chris McBeath
    Source: Kamloops This Week

Air & Sea

  1. Around The World in a Tiny Plane
    Author: Tamara Hardingham-Gill
    Source: CNN Travel
  2. A Cruise Ship Crew Advises You
    Author: Charlotte Hilton Anderson
    Source: Reader’s Digest

Australia & New Zealand

  1. Adelong, Australia’s Historic Goldrush Town
    Author: Bruce Elder
    Source: Australian Geographic
  2. New Zealand’s Quirky Art Scene
    Author: John McDonald
    Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Europe & United Kingdom

  1. Welcome Croatia. The Eurozone’s Newest Club Member
    Author: Alex Crevar
    Source: Lonely Planet
  2. How the War in Ukraine Impacts Travel
    Author: Rashaad Jorden
    Source: Skift
  3. All Things Greenland
    Author: Tatyana Leonov
    Source: Traveller
  4. Scotland’s New UNESCO Trail
    Author: Richard Franks
    Source: i news


  1. A Shrine to French Pastries in NYC’s East Village
    Author: Jordan Hernandez
    Source: Vogue
  2. Old French Rail Lines are Now Green Corridors and the Stations are Cafes
    Author: Stephen Clarke
    Source: France Today


  1. Pink Girls Run the World Brings Diversity to Travel
    Author: Kathleen Wong
    Source: USA Today
  2. Eugene Levy Departs Schitt’s Creek and Reluctantly Hits the Road
    Author: AP
    Source: The Indian Express
  3. Some of the World’s Best Geographic Features
    Author: Konkana Ray
    Source: Fodor’s Travel
  4. Forest Therapy in Portugal
    Author: Tasha Eichenseher
    Source: Outside
  5. A 2023 Guide to Eco-Tourism
    Source: Bizcommunity

North America

  1. Hooray for Hollywood
    Author: Sarah Rodrigues
    Source: NZ Herald
  2. Houston’s Best Day Trips
    Author: Geneva Diaz & Ana Garcia
    Source: Houstonia
  3. A One Page Guide to San Antonio
    Author: Sylvie Patterson
    Source: Verily
  4. The Hampton’s of Canada
    Author: Julia Eskins
    Source: Travel + Leisure


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