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Meet the young Drummies of South Africa.
Drum majorette teams are a popular sport in South Africa providing girls an opportunity to grow in confidence as they compete.  This photographic exhibit allows the majorettes the opportunity to shine.


The Portuguese Riviera may not be as flashy as its French cousin but that’s what makes it so special.
When you think Riviera your mind instantly goes to France but think instead about visiting the Portuguese Riviera.  The same dose of sun and beaches with a more relaxing vibe.


The world’s finest bookstores.
No matter where I travel and no matter whether or not I can speak the language, I can never pass up a bookstore.  These bookstores from around the world be top of mind when planning my next trip.


Biking the lively streets of Delhi.
Navigating the streets of Delhi seems daunting in a car let alone a bike but somehow this video makes it look like a great time!

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Africa & The Middle East

  1. Meet the young Drummies of South Africa. (Africa, South Africa)
    Photographer:  Alice Mann
    Author: Miss Rosen
    Source: Huck  Magazine
  2. While a difficult place to travel, West Africa is a dusty gem. (Africa)
    Author: Michael Henry
    Source: Outpost Magazine

Asia & India

  1. Visitors to Thailand may be missing the best parts. (Asia, Thailand)
    Author: Michael Cullen
    Source: International Living
  2. Trincomalee is the crossroads of Sri Lanka. (Asia, Sri Lanka)
    Author: Dishan Joseph
    Source: Daily News Sri Lanka


  1. The Portuguese Riviera may not be as flashy as its French cousin but that’s what makes it so special. (Europe, Portugal)
    Author: Melanie Haiken
    Source: Marin Magazine
  2. The default travel experience in Paris points to couples in love but traveling solo gives one the chance to experience Paris on your own terms. (Europe)
    Author: Trixie Pacis
    Source: Passion Passport

North America

  1. The Rio Grande provides the backdrop for a solo trip through Texas reminiscing about family while recognizing what makes Texas unique. (United States, Texas)
    Author: Roberto José Andrade Franco
    Source: Texas Highways
  2. A concise guide to being a Montrealer. (Canada)
    Author: Matthew Hays
    Source: Bold Magazine


  1. Night walking through the Gardens of Stone. (Australia)
    Author: Dan Slater
    Source: Australian Geographic
  2. Palau-a tropical paradise that sort of wants you to visit. (Micronesia, Palau)
    Author: George Kipouros
    Source: Wanderlust

Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean

  1. The Caribbean Island of San Andres isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but pre-trip planning will make all the difference on arrival. (Caribbean)
    Author: Christopher Muther
    Source: Boston Globe
  2. Travel Argentina’s northwest for a completely different vibe from Buenos Aires. (South America, Argentina)
    Author: IJfke Ridgeley
    Source: Palm Luxury


  1. Explore the Australian Outback in style on The Ghan. (Rail, Australia)
    Author: Samantha Coles
    Source: elitetraveler
  2. The Caribbean doesn’t have a monopoly on Atlantic Islands. (Canada)
    Author: Jake Emen
    Source: Inside Hook

Travel Business

  1.  The Woodward, Geneva’s newest luxury hotel, pays attention to every detail. (Travel Business, Switzerland)
    Author: Mark Ellwood
    Source: Robb Report
  2. Hotels change their post-pandemic F&B offerings. (Travel Business)
    Author: Kostuch Media Ltd.
    Source: Hotelier Magazine

Blogs, Podcasts & Videos


  1. The world’s finest bookstores. (Blog)
    Author: Anshula
    Source: Passport to Eden


  1. Exploring Thailand with those that love it intimately. (Podcast, Thailand)
    Host: Holly Rubenstein
    Source: The Travel Diaries
    (Podcast –  48 minutes  20 seconds)


  1. Biking the lively streets of Delhi. (Video, India)
    Source: Flying the Nest
    (Video – 8 minutes 14 seconds)


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