February 2021

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The winter doldrums are taking their toll and it’s hard to keep our minds from wandering to thoughts of travel.  When, where and for how long?

Vaccinations are continuing to roll out providing hope for future travel sooner rather than later.  Right now it isn’t clear what measures will be placed on travelers.  Will vaccinations be mandatory for domestic and international travel?  Will travelers have to carry some kind of global vaccination passport?  At this point, there are a small number of countries allowing entry to vaccinated travelers – some still requiring negative COVID tests.  This allows vaccinated travelers to bypass quarantines.  A glimmer of hope for all those who love to travel.

With that in mind, I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


Understanding the Difference Between Kimono and Yukata and the Strict Cultural Rules Applied to Both.
The rules for wearing Kimono are complicated and steeped in centuries of Japanese culture.  Yukata are more casual in nature, but cultural rules still apply.  Travelers to Japan will gain insight into and appreciation of Japanese culture in the rules which apply to Japan’s national dress.


Marie Kondo Makes Packing for Your Next Journey a Joy.
Every trip, whether a short weekend getaway or a full blown holiday on the other side of the world, presents the same challenge.  How to fit everything you need into the smallest piece of luggage possible.  Marie Kondo offers some great tips to try the next time you pull out your suitcase.


Easter Eggs Abound in the Narrow Alley Ways of Boston’s North End.
The historic North End neighborhood of Boston is a popular stop for tourists exploring the Freedom Trail.  Step away from the trail (and tourists) and duck into one of several narrow alley ways where residents decorate their homes with quaint flower boxes and neighborhood stores welcome visitors for a glimpse into the day to day life of this charming neighborhood.


Listening to This Audio Story Connects You to Tulum, Mexico on a Deeper Level.
How long has it been since someone read a story to you?  Involving your sense of hearing brings a depth to this story which heightens the descriptive text and leads to a more intimate experience of Tulum.

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  1. Montenegro’s winding roads through mountainous landscapes lead to tiny villages worth exploring on foot. (Europe, Montenegro)
    Author:  Liz Sier
    Source:  Startsat60
  2. Neil of Travels with a Kilt answers readers Scotland travel questions. (United Kingdom. Scotland)
    Author:  Neil Robertson
    Source:  Travels with a Kilt


  1. Listening to this audio story connects you to Tulum, Mexico on a deeper level. (Podcast, Mexico)
    Author:  Melinda Stevens with CNT Traveller
    Source: Escape Routes
    (Podcast – 13 minutes 9 seconds)
  2. Turkey appeals to many…from fans of Byzantine history to those who appreciate an inviting culture. (Europe, Turkey)
    Author:  Sarah Groen
    Source:  Luxury Travel Insider
    (Podcast – 30 minutes 7 seconds)


  1. A quick video on Tokyo’s local customs and COVID requirements. (Asia, Japan)
    Source:  Monocle
    (Video – 2 minutes 49 seconds)
  2. Get to know the people of Martinique – Caribbean with a French spirit! (Video, Caribbean, Martinique)
    Source:  Free High-Quality Documentaries
    (Video – 43 minutes 16 seconds)


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