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Been there, done that?  Try getting lost for your next holiday.
Some travelers aren’t content to sit on a beach but prefer a challenge.  Imagine a trip where you are dropped off in a mystery location and expected to navigate your way to a specific destination.  A little scary or exhilarating, depending on your viewpoint, but an accomplishment either way.


Caribbean storytellers enrich listeners with vibrant tales of the islands.
There is nothing like the transformative powers of a good story and Caribbean storytellers are among the best.  Stories celebrate their unique cultures providing a window into the history of and life in the Caribbean.


Cape Charles’ combines small-town charm with a coastal vibe.
Cape Charles is the best of both worlds.  A small town that shares its warm welcome while offering a relaxed coastal setting.


Strolling through a cultivated garden in Somerset, England.
I adore English gardens and this video transports me to a garden setting where perfection is found in the unstructured integration of the garden with its surroundings.

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Africa & The Middle East

  1. The perfect elements come together to support Madagascar’s bountiful species. (Africa, Madagascar)
    Author: Team Africa Geographic
    Source: Africa Geographic

Asia, China & India

  1. Singapore’s museums ring in the Lunar Year while encouraging visitors with collectibles. (Asia, Singapore)
    Author: Fei Lu
    Source: Jing Culture & Commerce
  2. History and modernization go hand in hand in Taiwan’s refurbished Railway Development Buildings. (Asia, Taiwan)
    Author: traveltaipeimagzine
    Source: Taiwan-scene
  3. Thailand’s White Temple and Black House are artistic havens that must be explored. (Asia, Thailand)
    Author: Lena Desmond
    Source:  Outpost Magazine
  4. Singapore’s Botanic Garden is a study in harmonious beauty. (Asia, Singapore)
    Author: Aleemah Basirah
    Source: SilverKris

Australia & New Zealand

  1. Have a Yabba Dabba Doo of a time down under. (Australia)
    Author: Narelle Bouveng
    Source: Australian Geographic
  2. Hiking and luxury are not necessarily at odds. (Australia)
    Author: Natarsha Brown
    Source: Signature Luxury Travel & Style
  3. Travel to France for this Australian experience. (Australia, France)
    Author: Lauren Attard
    Source: Vacations & Travel


  1. Whistler’s appeal lies in more than just skiing. (Canada, British Columbia)
    Author: Julia Eskins
    Source: Travel + Leisure
  2. Why hike when you can skate on a mountain top? (Canada, Ontario)
    Author: Michelle Payot
    Source: blogTO
  3. Take part in Banff’s winter activities and you will stay warm. (Canada, Alberta)Author: The Planet D
    Source: The Planet D


  1. Caribbean storytellers enrich listeners with vibrant tales of the islands. (Caribbean)
    Author: Ken Corsbie
    Source: CaribbeanBeat
  2. Visit or experience a place? Its all in how you spend your time. (Caribbean)
    Author: @caribbeanliving.
    Source: Caribbean Living Magazine
  3. Yes, there are all inclusive resort options in the US virgin Islands. (Caribbean)
    Added by: Allie D’Almo
    Source: TravelMag

Europe & Russia

  1. Wander inland from the beaches to get to the heart of Malta. (Europe, Malta)
    Author: Irenie Forshaw
    Source: elitetraveler
  2. Aranese. The most interesting language you haven’t heard. (Europe, France, Spain)
    Author: Richard Collett
    Source: BBC Travel
  3. Gaining insight into first century Greek life in Naples. (Europe, Italy, Greece)
    Author:  Julia Buckley
    Source: Smithsonian MagazIne
  4. The intricate beauty of one of Russia’s most iconic cathedrals. (Europe, Russia)
    Author: William Brumfield
    Source: Russia Beyond
  5. The trifecta of touring; Swiss culture, chocolate and family travel. (Europe, Switzerland)
    Author: Swiss Education Group
    Source: Hospitality.net
  6. Lake Como without the crowds! (Europe, Italy)
    Author: Marie-Claire Chappet
    Source: Harpers Bazaar


  1. Artistry and culture in Japanese calligraphy. (Asia, Japan)
    Author:  Shinji Takaramura
    Translated by:  Souun Takeda
    Source: Matcha-jp
  2. Driving Japan’s Three Star Road is a lesson in slow travel. (Asia, Japan)
    Author:  Kristin Mariano
    Source: Travel Daily Media
  3. Peace abounds throughout Owate’s communities. (Asia, Japan)
    Author: Patrick Balfe
    Source: Metropolis Japan

Mexico, Central & South America

  1. A delightful mix of sunshine and roses add to the magic of Puerto Varas. (South America, Chile)
    Author: Jennifer Roberts
    Source: International Living Postcards
  2. Monthly magic in Mérida. (Mexico)
    Author: Liza Prado
    Source: Lonely Planet
  3. Holding on to a vanishing vaquero lifestyle. (Mexico)
    Author: Balazs Gardi
    Source: National Geographic UK

Scandinavia, Iceland & Greenland

  1. Skiing Finland’s polar night is transcendent. (Scandinavia, Finland)
    Author: Amber Gibson
    Source: Artful Living
  2. Herding reindeer with the Sápmi. (Scandinavia, Sweden)
    Author: Katie Skrzek
    Source: Global Traveler USA
  3. East Iceland – home of the queen of the elves. (Scandinavia, Iceland)
    Author: William Gray
    Source: Wanderlust UK

United Kingdom & Ireland

  1. In search of Scotland’s native Eriskay ponies. (United Kingdom, Scotland)
    Author: Karen Gardiner
    Source: BBC Travel
  2. It is a challenge to take in the sweeping views of Black Mountain Pass. (United Kingdom, Wales)
    Author: Annunciata Elwes
    Source: Country Life UK
  3. Newgrange is just the start of what the Boyne Valley offers. (Ireland)
    Author: Gemma Tipton

United States

  1. The search for Sasquatch continues… (United States. Alaska)
    Author: Bjorn Dihle
    Source: Alaska Magazine
  2. Brevard, NC’s white squirrels and sustainability put it on the map. (United States, North Carolina)
    Author: Joan Vannorsdall
    Source: Blue Ridge Country
  3. Cape Charles’ combines small town charm with a coastal vibe. (United States, Virginia)
    Added by: Leona Baker
    Source: CoastalVirginiaMag.com
  4. TRUST, digital art exhibition explores how trust impacts the world. (United States, New York)
    Author: Amy Rosner
    Source: Gotham Magazine
  5. Looking for a vibrant end to winter? An explosion of color awaits in California. (United States, California)
    Author: Mary Elizabeth Andriotis
    Source: House Beautiful
  6. For a truly in depth look at the Columbia Gorge, don’t miss these complimentary museums. (United States, Washington, Oregon)
    Author:  Allison Williams
    Source: Seattle Met

Air, Sea & Rail

  1. Posh Italian train travel just around the corner. (Rail, Europe, Italy)
    Author: Lindsay Rogers
    Source: InsideHook
  2. Uncovering Thailand’s hidden secrets by rail. (Rail, Asia, Thailand)
    Author: Alex Robinson
    Source: Wanderlust UK
  3. Heathrow Airport’s return to normal still years away. (Air, United Kingdom)
    Author: Helwing Villamizar
    Source: Airways Magazine

Food & Drink

  1. Standout restaurants in Colorado’s ski country. (Food, United States, Colorado)
    Author: Lisa Blake
    Source: 5280
  2. Rice is deeply embedded in African culture. (Food, Africa)
    Author: Jessica B. Harris
    Source: bon appétit
  3. Approachable glamour in one of L.A.’s newest restaurants. (Food, United States, California)
    Author: Sean Santiago
    Source: Elle Decor


  1. Inspiring others one hike at a time. (Miscellaneous, England)
    Author: Huck
    Source: Huck Magazine
  2. You know a garden is truly beautiful when it impresses in the winter.(Miscellaneous, United States, Pennsylvania)
    Author: Bethany Adams
    Source: The Cottage Journal

Travel Business

  1. Been there, done that? Try getting lost for your next holiday. (Travel Business)
    Author: Hannah Sampson
    Source: iol
  2. Super yacht adventures with uber experiences. (Travel Business)
    Author: Kim Kavin
    Source: Robb Report
  3. 2022 travel industry predictions. (Travel Business)
    Author: Steve Glenn
    Source: Executive Travel

Blogs, Podcasts & Videos


  1. Blaze your own trail through Bahia, Brazil. (Blog, Brazil)
    Author: Katie Hemingway
    Source: Verdemode
  2. Safe destinations for solo travelers. (Blog)
    Author: Brooke
    Source: World of Wanderlust


  1. Accommodation advice for your next trip to Italy. (Podcast, Italy)
    Host: Katy Clarke and Josie Armao
    Source: Untold Italy
    (Podcast –  42 minutes  55 seconds)
  2. Learning native languages, allows for deeper experiences. (Podcast)
    Host: Amanda Kendle
    Source: The Thoughtful Travel
    (Podcast –  28 minutes 11 seconds)


  1. Strolling through a cultivated garden in Somerset, England. (Video)
    Video by: Charles Stapleton
    Source: cereal
    (Video – 1 minutes 22 seconds)
  2. Living and breathing a brief moment in Prague. (Video)
    Source: Danko Films
    (Video – 2 minutes 50 seconds)


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