October 2020

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Travel agents have been in on a secret for awhile now and because of the pandemic the rest of the world is beginning to come to this realization.  You can work from almost anywhere in the world depending on your job. The workplace has evolved over recent years to more flexible options regarding where and when people work but this has been accelerated since the beginning of the year.  This is a great opportunity for the hospitality industry.  Many suppliers are promoting workcations and making it easier for people to enjoy a new destination while staying connected and productive at work.

Here are some of my favorite articles for this month:


This small, family run business in Japan was started in a pandemic-and has lasted over a 1000 years since.  The long, rich history of this shop is more than just a family legacy.
Ichiwa in Kyoto is a family run business in constant service since the year 1000.  It was started during a pandemic which was raging across Japan.  Businesses with 100+ years of service are not unusual in Japan. Driven by tradition and community/employee focused values, they plan for the long term by prioritizing stability over profit margin.  Visiting these businesses is possible with niche travel guides which spotlight them.


The world’s longest golf course exists in Australia and covers an 850 mile stretch from Western to Southern Australia.
Nullarbor Links is a unique course in Australia.  It is the world’s longest with 18 holes covering 850 miles. The holes themselves are normal length but the distance between them can be staggering-up to 120 miles!  It takes 5 days to play and overnight stays are not optional.  Holes are situated everywhere from in towns to in the middle of nowhere.


Traveling to the edge of existence to view polar bears.
Churchill, Manitoba is known as the polar bear capital of the world.  Polar bears migrate to the area and hang out in and around Churchill while they wait for the ice to freeze which allows them to start hunting seal.  Tourists descend on the town each fall for guided tours which utilize arctic crawlers and helicopters to get up-close.


Connecting to the earth through the yearly wine harvest brings special comfort in this year of turmoil. 
Ritual restores the soul bringing comfort and peace.  One such ritual, harvesting grapes, occurs each autumn in Basilicata, Italy.  The community comes together to enjoy each other’s company and work on the harvest.  Together they enjoy the rituals, working the fields, preparing and sharing food and catching up with one another while the outside world and its stresses fade away.

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  1. What to look for when seeking out responsible and ethical businesses that offer swimming with underwater wildlife. (Podcast, Miscellaneous)
    Hosts: Eric Rosen & Kathryn Romeyn
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    (Podcast – 43 minutes 19 seconds)
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    Host:  Lee Huffman
    Source: We Travel There with Lee Hoffman
    (Podcast – 25 minutes 45 seconds.  Content begins at the 1 minute 20 second mark)


  1. It’s hard not to feel nostalgic when viewing this recent tour of Tokyo filmed on Super 8 film. (Video, Asia, Japan)
    Source: Willem Verbeeck
    (Video – 38 minutes 24 seconds)
  2. A 4 wheel drive off road adventure through Botswana. (Video, Africa, Botswana)
    Source: Lucas T. Jahn
    (Video – 2 minutes 19 seconds)


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