November 2020

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Here are some of my favorite articles for this month:


Does Mexico City live up to expectations?
Everyone has a dream destination they hope to visit one day.  When that day finally arrives, so too does a mix of excitement and apprehension. You wonder, will it live up to your expectations?  This one question keeps some people from actually fulfilling their dream so as not to be disappointed. Mexico City was such a place for this author and she will always be happy she made the trip.


Sarasota has a beach for everyone from secluded to lively.
Sarasota, Florida boasts 35 beaches making it nearly impossible not to find your perfect beach.  Beaches run the gamut from quiet and unspoiled to full of life with sports facilities, changing cabanas and people watching.  Not to be forgotten, dogs are welcome at Brohard Beach where they can explore off-leash and enjoy a romp in the gulf.


The ultimate stress-free family trip.
Anyone who has ever had to plan a trip involving multiple generations knows just how daunting an exercise this can be.  Renting a house with enough bedrooms, deciding on and making meals and scheduling activities that interest everyone can be downright impossible.  Cruising can offer a way to avoid all of this stress and keep everyone happy.


A brief slice of Paris life.
This video is perfect if you only have a few minutes (3 minutes and 1 second to be precise) and you want to escape your current surroundings.  Quick glimpses of Parisians living life juxtaposed with iconic sites will leave you craving more of this remarkable city.

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  1. St. Mary’s Island is accessible by foot, bike or electric golf cart and is a great base for ferrying to the other Scilly Islands. (Blog, United Kingdom, England)
    Author: Charli Moore
    Source: Wanderlusters
  2. Australian food is difficult to define because of its many influences from around the world. (Blog, Australia, Food)
    Author: Michela Fantinel
    Source: Rocky Travel


  1. How to get the most from your guidebook, 48 hours in Singapore and safety tips when visiting Prague. (Podcast, Travel Business, Asia, Singapore, Czech Republic)
    Author: Simon Calder
    Source: Escape
    (Podcast – 28 minutes.  Singapore-8 minute 18 second mark. Guidebook-13 minute 30 second mark. Prague-25 minute 50 second mark.)
  2. Recollections of past trips to Prague. (Podcast, Europe, Czech Republic)
    Author: Craig and Linda Martin
    Source: Indie Travel Podcast
    (Podcast – 33 minutes 24 seconds.  Content begins at the 3 minute 22 second mark.)


  1. Learn how to behave at a Ryokan in Japan. (Video, Asia, Japan)
    Source: Japan-Guide
    (Video – 9 minutes 55 seconds)
  2. A brief slice of Paris life. (Video, Europe, France)
    Source: Andrés Araújo
    (Video – 3 minutes 1 second)


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