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While we are still working out what this pandemic means for each of us individually there is hope that the virus won’t be as virulent in the summer months.  This may mean with proper social distancing and mask wearing we can get out and explore areas near our homes that we may have overlooked in the past.  Traveling locally or within your home country may have to be the focus at the moment but it never hurts to be prepared for the time you can explore farther afield.

I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


South Korea’s haenyeo is a sisterhood of women free divers that fight to sustain their unique profession.
The haenyeo, sea women, of Korea practice a dangerous and difficult profession.  They hold their breath for up to two minutes and dive to depth of 50 feet or more to procure culinary treasures for restaurants.  Classes are available which give participants a glimpse into how it feels to embrace this physically demanding yet, for the haenyeo, a way of life that they are compelled to do.


Copenhagen opens a new Happiness Museum.
Copenhagen’s new Happiness Museum opened with the goal of making its visitors happier with the hope that they would share this happiness with the world.  Eight rooms explore happiness from eight different perspectives to help us determine what makes us happy.


Millennial travelers require a different touch when it comes to luxury travel.
Millennial travelers differ from their older counterparts with regard to luxury travel.    They prefer experiences over things and expect eco-conscious suppliers to provide a high level of service that is tailored to the individual.


Take a step back in time with this 1950’s airline travelogue.
Rare 1950’s airline film featuring a United Boing 377 Stratocruiser en route to Oahu.  This plane held 55 passengers and included a private stateroom, lower level lounge, sleeping compartment for four and a dressing room.  The tone of your Hawaii stay was set on arrival when greeted by leis and Hawaiian dancers.  Scenes of Waikiki Beach, an outrigger and iconic Waikiki Beach hotels round out this video.

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  1. Lindsey Parry details her visit to Copenhagen exploring the city on a bike tour.  (Blog, Scandinavia, Denmark)
    Author: Lindsey Perry
    Source: Arabian Notes
  2. Street food recommendations in Mumbai.  (Blog, Asia, India, Food)
    Author: Mariellen Ward
    Guest Post:  Shaddrha Maheshwari
  3. Discover the Toronto locals love. (Blog, Canada, Ontario)
    Author:  Oksana & Max


  1. Travel experts experiences of India.  (Podcast, Asia, India)
    Host:  Ben Groundwater
    Source: Flights of Fancy
    (37 minutes and 17 seconds)
  2. Enjoying Paros Island. (Podcast, Europe, Greece)
    Host:  Sandy Pappas
    Source: Greece Travel Secrets
    (29 minutes and 51 seconds)


  1. Take a step back in time with this 1950’s airline travelogue. (Video, Air, Planes, United States, Hawaii)
    Source: Classic Airlines & Vintage Pop Culture
    (8 minutes and 14 seconds)
  2. Stirring video of 13 U.S. National Parks for inspiration and relaxation. (Video, United States)
    Source: Amazing Places on our Planet
    (31 minutes and 3 seconds)
  3. Travel on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight form Los Angeles to Seattle. (Video, Rail, Trains, United States, California, Oregon, Washington)
    Source: CoasterFan 2105
    (44 minutes 43 seconds)


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