June 2020

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I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have added a new journal section called Miscellaneous.  As we have been reviewing articles for each month’s journal I have found that there are articles that span several sections or that don’t really fit in a specific section. For example, one of the articles in Miscellaneous this month is on socially distanced babymoons and there are several options in the United States but also an option in Bermuda.  There is also an article about the first person in a wheelchair to visit all seven continents which I note below as one of my favorite articles.  I hope you enjoy the variety!

I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


Cory Lee becomes the first traveler in a wheelchair to visit all seven continents.
Cory Lee’s accomplishment is inspirational.  He completed his goal of visiting all seven continents with a visit to Antarctica just before the borders closed due to the pandemic.  When planning his travels, he has researched and found a number of great companies that are doing an incredible job of making the world more accessible.  He has put these research skills to use for others by starting a blog called Curb Free with Cory Lee.


A stay in this 14th century warlord’s castle provides an authentic experience for travelers.
Ozu Castle is a feudal warlord’s home built in 1331.  It was occupied until the 17th century, refurbished in 2004 and now available to book for an experience.  I say experience rather than a stay because it is much more than a night in an old castle.  It is being treated as an honored guest of a warlord with all the pomp and circumstance that entails.


The Ribari people of Bera in Rajasthan, India have peacefully coexisted with leopards for over 100 years and welcome visitors to experience this unique connection.
The Ribari were a nomadic people from the Himalayas settling in Bera, Rajasthan.  Leopards roam freely in the area and peacefully coexist  with the Ribari who worship them as Guardian Angels.  The Ribari feel that this spiritual connection to the leopards is the reason why there have been no attacks in 100 years.


Become closely acquainted with Lisbon’s neighborhoods and experience the delightful combination of European and Latin American culture in Buenos Aires.
Two guides discuss the Lisbon neighborhoods that have not quite succumbed to gentrification and why its important to visit them. In addition, an American architect who has spent the last 18 winters in Buenos Aires discusses the livability of the city, its energy and the variety of architecture which makes this city so unique.  As an added bonus, a worldwide traveler discusses the benefit of treating your long haul flight as special ‘me’ time.

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    Author: Rick Steves
    Source: Luxury Travel Advisor
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    Author: Sylvie Bigar
    Source: Forbes (Subscription-4 free articles per month)
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    Author: Eben Diskin
    Source: Matador Network
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    Author: Mónica R. Goya
    Source: New York Times (Subscription-5 free articles per month)
  6. Top reasons to visit the birthplace of Russian literature. (Europe, Russia)
    Author: Alexandra Guzeva
    Source: Russia Beyond


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