January 2021

Welcome to the January 2021 issue of Travel Research Monthly!

I am so excited you have chosen to join us!

A new and hopefully better year has begun and I for one am ready to get moving!

While we still have challenges ahead in the travel industry, there does seem to be a glimmer of hope that at some point this year we will be able to explore the world again.  I am looking forward to the time when everyone who wants a vaccine will have one so that we can start implementing travel plans that are still in the research and discussion phase.

With that in mind, I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


Touring Tuscany in a Vintage Fiat 500.
The rolling hills and tiny village roads of Tuscany combined with the manual transmission of a vintage Fiat 500 evoke a truly Italian experience.  Joined by other vintage Fiat 500 drivers on this guided tour, you will enjoy time on your own while driving as well as the chance to share your experience with the other drivers when you visit during lunch and at a wine tasting in the afternoon.


Amica is a new app which connects solo traveling women allowing them to form unique friendships.
Amica was developed for women solo travelers to give them a sense of safety and community while facilitating connections between women who share similar preferences and interests.  It is expected to launch at the beginning of this year.


Dreaming of a walking holiday?  Try an “Adventure in a Box”.
Overnight hiking requires a great deal of preparation for a successful trip.  Adventure in a Box, located in Australia, removes the planning stress by providing everything you need sent right to your home or hotel prior to your hike.  Their boxes include food, navigation materials and en-route overnight bookings.  You can choose from a list of popular hikes or have them custom design one just for you.


Local businesses and guides from around the world create virtual tours you can experience from home.
Travel has suffered tremendously under this pandemic and as a consequence travel businesses have had to get creative.  A number have taken to providing virtual tours.  These tours vary from photo and video tours with live guide commentary to live walking tours through city streets or on farms.

I welcome your feedback. Knowing what you like and need will help me continue to curate a journal that you will find not only informative but entertaining.

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Travel Research Monthly

  1. How to tip on your next Caribbean vacation. (Caribbean)
    Author: Shawna
    Source: Where to Stay
  2. Use this TV show to plan your next Jamaican vacation. (Caribbean, Jamaica)
    Author: Patrick Clarke
    Source: TravelPulse
  3. Private enterprise in Cuba is ushering in change. (Caribbean, Cuba)
    Author: Nathan Fong
    Source: Taste and Travel Magazine


  1. We could all benefit from a cwtch right now. (Blog, United Kingdom, Wales)
    Author: Abi King
    Source: INSIDE the Travel Lab
  2. A look at COVID shaped travel trends for 2021. (Blog, Travel Business)
    Authors: Keri Allan and Emma Stuart
    Source: Ladies What Travel


  1. Sir Michael Palin shares his personal experiences with travel across the world. (Podcast, Miscellaneous)
    Host: Holly Rubenstein
    Source: The Travel Diaries
    (Podcast – 56 minutes 58 seconds)
  2. Amica is a new app which connects solo traveling women allowing them to form unique friendships. (Podcast, Miscellaneous, Travel Business)
    Host: Gemma Thompson
    Source: Girls That Travel
    (Podcast – 38 minutes 4 seconds)


  1. Touring Tuscany in a Vintage Fiat 500. (Video, Europe, Italy)
    Source: Grindelwaldprods
    (Video – 2 minutes and 41 seconds)
  2. Art Deco style has had a design impact on locomotives and trains since its creation. (Video, Rail, Trains)
    Source: AmtrakGuy365
    (Video – 17 minutes and 40 seconds)


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