January 2020

January 2020

Welcome to the January 2020 issue of Travel Research Monthly!

I am so excited you have chosen to join us!

We have been working hard searching the world for articles, blogs, videos and podcasts that we feel will provide value to you as a travel advisor. Generally speaking, each section will offer several selections to choose from. Occasionally, you will find a section missing that appeared in a previous journal.  This will occur if I am unable to find any articles which I feel would be of value to you.

I also endeavor to find free articles. There will be some links where it will be noted that the link is to a subscription publication. You may already have a subscription to some of these publications. If you do not, do not worry. The subscription publications that I reference generally provide anywhere from 3-5 articles for free each month without a subscription. I will not include any links to subscription-only sites where it is mandatory that you subscribe.

It is important to note that a selection may be listed in more than one section. For instance, this month I have a podcast on UNESCO World Heritage sites in France under both Podcasts and Europe. Because they are a different form of media, all of the videos and podcasts for each month’s journal are also combined into their own section for quick access.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons I began Travel Research Monthly was to save you time. For that reason, any podcast or video will list its length. Additionally, when I find that there is a long lead into the information that I want to share, I will note the time the content begins so that you can choose to go directly to that point in the selection. Of course, you can always choose to start at the beginning if you prefer.

I would like to take a few minutes to highlight some of my favorite articles chosen for this month.


Visit Kenya’s Masai Mara for a tour with a KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association) Guide to learn about the lives of the big cats which inhabit the Olari Motorogi Conservancy.
I have been in love with big cats since the opening of Big Cat Country at the St. Louis Zoo when I was a child. Visiting the Masai Mara in Kenya, known as the leading destination for big cat viewing, affords the opportunity to learn more about these magnificent animals and the diverse ecosystem of which they are apart.


Escape the Winter Blues with a visit to Montreal’s Nordic Spas where stress melts away in quiet Hygge style. 
Nothing sounds more enticing at this time of year than slipping away to a warm and inviting spa to chase away the bracing weather. Of course, the brave among us might be enticed to take an icy plunge before sinking into the warmth of a spa experience but I will stay warm and toasty enjoying the ultimate relaxation that these spas offer.


Glasgow as seen by a Glaswegian. Neil explores its history and what makes it special. 
Those of you that have worked with me know that I have been a Destination Expert for the UK and Ireland for many years. I definitely have a love for this part of the world and in starting this journal, I am excited to include one of my favorite Scottish bloggers, Neil of Travels with a Kilt. I think you will really enjoy reading his material. His love of his country and his ability to draw you in and really give you a sense of place are unmatched.


Obtaining travel insurance is always the best option but were you aware that the number of countries requiring travel insurance is increasing?
An informative article regarding the future of travel insurance. We all know the importance of having travel insurance but sometimes it is hard for clients to understand just how vital it is. While it has been optional to some degree in the past, there are countries that now require it and many more considering making it mandatory as well.

I welcome your feedback. Knowing what you like and need will help me continue to curate a journal that you will find not only informative but entertaining.

Please feel free to reach out to me by clicking on ‘Send us a note’ under Contact.

Happy Travels,

Travel Research Monthly



  1. Annie and Elyse discuss UNESCO sites in France and also provide information on what it takes to become a UNESCO site.  (Podcast, Europe, France)
    Author: Annie Sargent and Elyse
    Source: Join Us in France
    (Podcast – 59 minutes and 34 seconds)
  2. Rob and Kerri discuss the best Disney FastPass+ strategies.  (Podcast, Travel Business)
    Author: Rob and Kerri
    Source: Disney Travel Secrets
    (Podcast – 34 minutes and 44 seconds. Content begins at the 12:38 mark.)


  1. Train travel can appear expensive on the surface.  This fascinating and informative video will help you understand it.  (Video, Rail, Trains)
    Source: Wendover Productions
    (Video – 12 minutes and 38 seconds)
  2. Experience Iceland’s popular Blue Lagoon through this short video.  (Video, Scandinavia, Iceland)
    Source: Geobeats
    (Video – 1 minute and 14 seconds)
  3. Gary Bembridge explores the differences between European Barge Cruises and River Cruises.  (Video, Rail. Trains, Europe)
    Author: Gary Bembridge
    Source: Tips for Travellers
    (Video – 11 minutes and 52 seconds)


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