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Women Living Their Second Best Lives Through Solo Travel
Living your best life! Follow the lead of mature, married women and explore a destination on your own. It is transformative.

Uncover Granada, Spain’s Architectural Side
Granada, Spain is famous for the Alhambra and its stunning architecture. A walk down the medieval streets is just as inspiring.

Capturing Prince Edward Island’s  Beauty
This photographer shares his love of Prince Edward Island through his photography.

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  1. Have You Visited Any of Europe’s Fastest Growing Tourist Spots?
    Author: Richard Mellor
    Source: inews
  2. The Sights, Stays and Savories of the City of Lights
    Source: Country Life
  3. Unhurried Travel on Germany’s Breathtaking Rail Routes
    Author: Alza Kryeziu
    Source: Schengenvisa
  4. Uncover Granada, Spain’s Architectural Side
    Author: Vincent Lane
    Source: The Garnett Report
  5. Portugal’s Unexpected Treasures
    Author: Adam Dupois
    Source: Instinct
  6. The Cinque Terre Hiking Handbook
    Source: The Planet D
  7. Despite it’s Size, Montenegro Offers Much to Discover
    Author: John William Bills
    Source: Culture Trip


  1. Women Living Their Second Best Lives Through Solo Travel
    Author: Selene Brophy
    Source: Skift
  2. Decode Bicycle Tourism for Your Blueprint to the Ultimate Adventure!
    Author: Ron Johnson
    Source: Momentum Magazine
  3. Immerse Yourself in World Travel-Inspired Scents
    Author: Yashita Vashishth
    Source: Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia


  1. Solo Explorers Find Tranquility in Sweden’s Solitary Bliss
    Author: Amrit Mahajan
    Source: NativePlanet
  2. Step Inside Kuappi: Finland’s Tiniest Culinary Gem
    Author: Courtney Brandt
    Source: Tasting Table

United Kingdom & Ireland

  1. Unveil the Best Trails for Wanderers in the Lake District
    Author: Daniel Graham
    Source: BBC Countryfile
  2. Celebrate Boxing Day Antics in one of England’s Prettiest Villages
    Author: Katherine McPhillips
    Source: Express
  3. Sacred Irish Journey
    Author: Frances Mulraney
    Source: IrishCentral

United States & Canada

  1. Sweet and Sultry Savannah
    Author: Allison Van Tilborgh
    Source: VegOut
  2. Alaska’s Fjords: Spectacular and Closer to Home
    Author: Kathleen Wong
    Source: USA Today
  3. Design Focused Itinerary in New York City
    Author: Sallie Lewis
    Source: Veranda
  4. Capturing Prince Edward Island’s Beauty
    Author: Samantha Lewis
    Photographer: Dave Brosha
    Source: National Geographic


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