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  1. An antique lover’s must see, Bangkok’s Wat Suan Kaew market. (Blog, Asia, Thailand)
    Author: Chris Schalkx
    Source: Rice Potato
  2. How to best utilize accessible options in New York City. (Blog, United States, New York)
    Author: Cory Lee
    Source: Curb Free with Cory


  1. Scotland’s embrace of the solo traveler. (Podcast, United Kingdom, Scotland)
    Host: Gemma
    Source: Girls That Travel
    (Podcast – 33 minutes 9 seconds)
  2. Engage with the essence of Malta. (Podcast, Europe, Malta)
    Host: Melinda Stevens
    Presented by: Rick Jordan
    Source: Escape Routes
    (Podcast – 21 minutes)


  1. Relax Italian style in Positano. (Video, Europe, Italy)
    Source: Piano Relaxing
    (Video – 3 hours 23 minutes 32 seconds)
  2. Begin to comprehend the beauty of Manti-La Sal National Park. (Video, United States, Utah)
    Directed by:  The Pattiz Brothers
    Source: More Than Just Parks
    (Video – 3 minutes 7 seconds)



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